Photographs Of AMovementGeorge Floyd Protests

These images document the peaceful George Floyd protests in Miami.

There was very little rioting in Miami in the daytime before curfew; the protests were aggressive, high energy yet respectful. Protestors gave the police a respectful amount of space and surprisingly the police did the same. Everyone wore masks, protestors were providing hand sanitizer, and water, while marching for hours all over Downtown Miami, I-95, and Biscayne Blvd at a frantic pace. Each protest lasted past randomly established curfews in Miami-Dade.

These images are not of riots but of a peaceful protest after the death of George Floyd whose murder was the straw that broke the camel’s back across the world and has prompted a call to end US police brutality.

Shot by Rod Deal.


Rock of AgesMovie Set

We’ve all heard of Rock of Ages by now: in the coming weeks, the likes of Alec Baldwin, Tom Cruise, and Russell Brand will be cajoling around these parts in skin-tight leather pants, presumably sweating their celebrity asses off in the Miami humidity. The big budget Hollywood glam rock drama, whose producers so cynically (and appropriately) recreated the iconic Hollywood sign atop our beloved Mt. Trashmore, has transformed the area around NE 14st and N Miami Ave into LA’s Sunset Strip, circa the 1980’s. Affected businesses have had their buildings painted and rebranded in exchange for fat checks from the studio and a free makeover. Was it worth it?