Behind The Music:JahzelDotel

Photo by Rod Deal
Photo by Rod Deal

Jazz singer, Jahzel Dotel started singing at The Vagabond’s Stone Grove. Currently, she is running a Kickstarter campaign to produce her ‘Leftovers’ EP

Get to know the Miami based artist:

How long have you been singing when did you realize you had a special voice?

I have been singing since I was 4 years old. I didn’t realize my voice was a special gift until a few years ago.
How many years have you been working on your craft? Where did you receive your training?

I sing every single day; it is as natural as breathing to me. I started pursuing it as a career back in 2011 with Stone Groove open mics. Eventually, I started shaping and training my craft 2 years ago with Novell Allen and recently with Karina Iglesias. Both great vocal coaches. I also receive a lot of mentorship through Ludilo Sound Design with Aleksandar Djuric.
Speak about the Miami live music circuit that you’ve been on for the past few years?

It has been a great experience, it’s helped me grow into the artist I am today. People’s reactions and feedback to my performances inspired me to make original music. Many venues support what we do, especially Ball & Chain. It’s a great platform for me to explore myself and what I can give back to Miami.

How would you describe the sound of the album you’re creating?

Definitely jazzy and soulful, but with a twist. We are making it accessible to everyone who enjoys good music. I have a lot of influences, from Depeche Mode, to The Doors, to Billie Holiday, to Lady Gaga.
Who are your meet your producers?How did you meet them?

My producer is Rodolfo Troncoso. We met before a yoga class (I am also a yoga teacher) in 2013. We started talking and found out we are both involved in music. I sang during savasana (final pose at the end of a yoga class) and we immediately connected both spiritually and musically.

What made you start this Kickstarter campaing?

I can’t remember how the idea came about, however, I thought it would be great to create a community around my music project and have everyone who has been supporting me in the past be part of this huge step in my life.
Why should people donate to help you meet your goals with this album? Name some of the incentives they will receive for donating.

First of all, I think playing part of the making of an album of one of your favorite artists is a very unique experience. It shows people that this is not all about me, but about building a community. By donating, they are allowing us of creating something much larger than just a project. It is helping us connect with people that want to share our talent. Helping us build a platform to share our talents and directly supporting all of our friends/professional musician.
Please describe your songwriting process. What is your favorite song youve written so far?

It varies. I get inspired being outdoors (beaches or mountains when I travel out of state). Usually songs come to me when I am listening to a song that inspires me. For example I hear a word or a phrase in the song that catches my attention and I come up with a few verses based on that idea. Also, when I am watching documentaries about artists that I admire, it definitely sparks up an idea or a full song. For example, I was watching the Nina Simone documentary, “What Happened Ms. Simone?” a few months ago (for the 3rd time), there is a part that she talks about her first time working at a bar, which reminded me of my first job at a bar and I paused the documentary. The song “I Sing My Tunes” was born in that moment.
How does Miami inspire you?

Miami is an international hub for all sorts of different cultures and talents. I am inspired by being able to contribute to the music scene outside of the south beach clubs and electronic music. I really want to be able to show people that Miami has more to offer than raves and fist pumping. There are so many talented producers and musicians in the area, and I hope I can give them more exposure through my kickstarter campaign.
What is your end goal with this album? Are you trying to be signed to a major label? Stay Independent?

Besides it being a personal accomplishment of showing my original work to people, one of my goals is to have these songs form a connection within the person listening to them. I’d like for people to relate in someway with these songs.

We are open to options, going with the flow, either with a label or having independent donors, however we understand that everything has changed in the music industry and working with a label today is very different from what it used to be.
Where will you be performing this month to close out this Kickstarter campaign?

We are performing at Tamarina Restaurant in Brickell, The Palms Hotel, St. Regis in Miami Beach, and Doral Country Club. We are also planning a big party at Ball & Chain. All performance dates are listed at

Xoxox, Jahz