Sucker Mcop 1 is strongly motivated by female power and Pocket of Lollipop’s attitude to always be independent and not caring what others think of you. The duo has always been known to do their own thing and have their own unique style. They’ve been doing it for years and won’t change for anyone.


“Things change but I’m the same”


For the video of Mcop 1,  Tony Kapel and Maitejosune Urrechaga, teamed up with Carolyn Carballo and I to provide direction, production, special and visual effects. They had Ethan Punal, star as the swamp monster, and Ronnie Bergunker as the odd waiter.

Watch the *new* Pocket of Lollipops Music Video “Mcop1” here:

The whole crew’s vision for the video was originally to create something that didn’t necessarily have to make sense. The art direction and set ups for the video were strongly inspired by cult, noir, German expressionism, and cheesy gore films like those of David Lynch, Rob Zombie, Robert Rodriguez, Jack Arnold, etc.

“It took years of things to make sense. I told a friend

Don’t bother me these days about the finer things in life

I was in that flow for awhile

Moving from the dark lands

I saw what you had and told myself that I never wanted to be like you”

The psychedelic and static classic style of the video fits with the lyrics that fit with Pocket of Lollipops punk rock and feminist yet free spirited views on society.

“Don’t care what you think of me wearing my popular sweater

Hair down and dirty tugging on my skirt

What’s the rule for pretty ladies?”


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