Behind The Music:Peyote Coyote


When I first heard the name Peyote Coyote, my mind instantly flashed to Homer Simpson tripping balls and talking to Johnny Cash as Space Coyote after eating spicy peppers. When I first heard their debut EP, I thought I had eaten spicy peppers and was talking to a Space Coyote.

This Boca Raton trio consists of Ryan Huseman on guitar and vocals, Cari Gee on drums and vocals and Jake Stuart on bass.

They made their Churchill’s debut this past Saturday at No Wavve Festival, bringing that self-titled EP with them to give throughout by donation-a very Radiohead move on their part. I was able to get my hands on one (thanks Cari!) which brings me here.

Note: I’m a little stoned and kept making the mistake of writing ‘hear’ instead of ‘here’ which I find pretty rad.

The EP opens with the fuzz heavy ‘Evil Things’ which is such a good opener. Why? Because of that guitar riff and solo that comes in at the end of the song by Huseman.

Plus, I’m a sucker for dark lyrics. On the other side of every gun that you’ll be facing/is a man that speaks the truth. Creepy.
The following track ‘Follow Through’ is a surfy punky garage song-a special blend common to Miami’s music scene that can best be described as tropipunk which I first heard in reference to Salas.

This is an extremely catchy song with vocals reminiscent of Gabe Alcala from Jacuzzi Boys. Put this on when you’re on the way to Matheson Park for paddle boarding.
Song number 3, ‘Finding My Way’ is a trip all the way to the garages of Austin’s psych scene. The lyrics along with the riff are so western it feels like, well, getting lost while looking for peyote in a desert in Texas.

The atmosphere they created in the previous track continues on with ‘Desert’. Hearing the female harmonies on the line when you roll the dice and lose brings back that dark and creepy element from track 1.

‘Another Song’ ends the EP. The song starts with a pretty guitar riff, and then come in the pretty harmonizing vocals of both Huseman and Gee which makes you want to hold your lighters high and sway as the song fades out.

‘Peyote Coyote’ was self-recorded and produced by Peyote Coyote at The Infinite Channel in Broward County which is a music collective formed of them, Black Cousins, Fuzzhound and Citadel. Can’t wait to hear what they come out with next.