Colleen & FriendsRock Wynwood

Colleen & Friends EP Release Party at Gramps


A rocking show went down at Gramps. Featuring musicians Jellyfish Brothers, Tall Juan, Jimmy Whispers, Ben Katzman’s Degreaser and Colleen Green, who is releasing their self titled EP, off Infinity Cat Recordings as a cassette subscription series.

Ben Katzman's Degreaser!
Ben Katzman’s Degreaser!

Before the show tonight at Gramps We meet at Radio-Active Records up in Fort Lauderdale to witness an in store show. Greeted by Ben Katzman with him exclaiming

“All the planets are in retrograde, everyone’s flight is delayed, luckily I made it in time!”

The in-store kicks off with Ben Katzman’s Degreaser knocking out three songs in quick succession, leaving the mic warm for Green.

Colleen came up next and played a few tracks off their EP, the set ended confused applause as the shoppers went back to digging.

Warmed up and ready to go, the group left to Wynwood. Meeting them in front of Freshii as they have some dinner, Juan and Mario ask if they could be shown around a bit.

Colleen Green!
Colleen Green!

We give up on gallery hopping since we had no luck with getting complimentary drinks.

Before heading back Juan had made it a mission to go find some ice cream before the show, he looks up the closest place and splits with us to wander mid town in search of the right treat.

Inspecting art.
Inspecting art.

Show time!

The Jellyfish Brothers open up the show with a juicy, heavy synth infused rockin’ set.

The Jellyfish Brothers!
The Jellyfish Brothers!

Playing mostly new songs of unreleased material, from the new album currently named “Fake Jelly”. Rocking out with new keyboarder, Re, The Jellyfish Brothers set a solid pace for the night.

Next up is Tall Juan, doing jumping jacks, push-ups, and shadow boxing before the set to warm up. The exercise worked well as he put out as much energy as last time he came around, when he was backed with a band.

He played songs off “Why Not?” and covered Iggy Pop and Mac Demarco. He really gave it his all, jumping around, grinding on the mic stand, and at one point performing fellatio on the microphone, leaving Jimmy with a slobbery mic.

Tall Juan!

Jimmy Whispers, following suit, performs some push-ups on stage before getting started. Taking a last sip of his drink he gets down to it. Playing the tracks off his iPhone he prances around in song, heavily interacting with the crowd. He jumped off stage, to be caught by the crowd, fall to the floor, dance with folks, he was all over the place. fun times.

After singing across the room, serenading the bartender he dresses down into something more comfortable, wearing nothing but a flowery blouse and and boxers.

He then plays Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” and instructs the crowd to embrace the person next to them and dance. Jimmy later told me that he had once done that at another show, with his friend there, and he ended up marrying the person who he had danced with.

Jimmy Whispers!

With the crowd warmed up and ready, Colleen Green takes the stage, ready to rock, with her guitar and drum machine via iPad! Playing new tunes first, the crowd responds positively, dancing along and feeling the the rhythm. Halfway through the set she invites folks to jump on stage to groove and it turned into the Colleen Green dance party.

Colleen Green!

Ben Katzman’s Degreaser comes on set to close up shop, shredding fast and hard! the band crowd surfing whenever the opportunity arises, having tonnes of fun, and bringing out Colleen to sing Kiss’ “Lick It Up” together.

Ben Katzman’s Degreaser ft. Colleen green!


While the group was waiting to leave the venue, I was able to speak to Juan Briefly. ” I played a bit of a new song tonight, it doesn’t have a name yet. The song is about this article i read about rapists on subways, I witnessed a situation like that first hand, it was a huge commotion and the guy was caught. Thinking about it really upsets me. Anyway, I’m finishing up an album now and in two weeks I’ll be touring in Europe. By the way, after three stores, I found the ice cream I was looking for. I got a Ferrero Rocher & mango sorbet ice cream, I give it an 8/10.”