Behind the Music:PARI∀H

We are all sweating with excitement for PARI∀H’s recent record “Passed Lives’ Excessive Future” release on August 26. It is full of explosions of feelings that travel you through an adventure of sounds making you feel like you are part of a colorful digital futuristic world. The group is known to be full of surprises and blow your brains with original flavors of ideas and has been cooking up a bunch of new juices.


THE Magic City'sVanishing Venues Act

Miami became the “Magic City” in the early 1900’s due to its rapid development, apparently rising out of the sea as a full blown city seemingly overnight. But now, that same rapidity is perverting the soul of the city and performing a vanishing act with our most vibrant and historical entertainment venues.

DISCLAIMER: I am just another local artist but unlike transplanted locals, I was born and raised in Miami. I have experienced these things first hand and can see how they’re affecting our tight-knit community. Please allow me to elaborate on my slack-jawed, “Wow!” Well, it must have taken one helluva powerful magic potion with a vast variety of spices to concoct something that would slowly fool this city. Here’s the recipe.


HYPE CITYSpring Edition

This is a curated selection of local events submitted to Tropicult by the South Florida community ― organized, categorized, and presented in chronological order, linked a complete listing with full event details, including venue and ticketing information.