Cult Trends: Virgo

[ listening party ]

DAAAAMN RICHE, back at it again with the … taking amazing photos of people and writing about it in a somewhat timely manner. Okay, obviously I had no idea where that joke was going but, as you all should know by now, introductions are not my strong suit. Anyway, let’s just get into it.

A few weeks back the amazing VIRGO invited me to a preview event for her new EP and Video Game. Of course I gladly said YES! I mean, her music alone was enough for me to be interested. Once I heard there was a video game aspect involved too I knew I had to go see what’s up! More on that later.

If you aren’t familiar with VIRGO you can see her featured in one of my previous CULT TRENDS here, and of course there will be some lovely links later on in this post for you to find out more about her.



First of all, I just want to say how excited I am about how these photos came out! I’ve always been a fan of the other worldly aura Virgo has each time I see her and I love it. My first thought when I saw her at the event was “omg she looks like an alien, THIS IS AMAZING!”. So I tried to capture that in the photos, I was successful.

Not only was her new music amazing, her video game is quite visually stunning too.


I loved the concept of her video game. Basically, she created her own virtual world to go along with her new EP and the player is free to roam around the entire world wile listening to her latest release. in my opinion, that is the epitome of groundbreaking and iconic.

It’s 2016, why just release music when you can create your own virtual world to go along with it.

You can find all of her amazing work at



What initially caught my eye about GG was his jacket, I  loved the drawing on the  back of it. little did I know that GG is actually an artist and that is his own personal design, how awesome is that! He’s cool, I like him!



My favorite part, besides the giant face on the back and our really nice conversation (did I mention he’s also very nice?), was his collection of pins. Not only does he have an interesting assortment of them but they actually remind me of my favorite video game, The World Ends With You. In the game they collect pins, each pin represents a specific power or ability and they use them to fight enemies and complete missions….




I do wonder what kind of abilities his current assortment of pins would give him tho….

Fun fact: we bonded over a mutual love for Johnny Cupcakes (He has a Jonny Cupcakes pin on his jacket)



He was cool, not very talkative, but well dressed though.  He looked kind of like a hypebeast, BUT I LIKE HYPEBEAST! Hypebeast or no Hypebeast, it is very obvious he knows how to put an outfit together. I have always appreciated people who can pull off understated looks and still stand out.

Some fun facts I remember:

  • He owns an online vintage shop
  • He is not from Miami, originally
  • He is secretly a country boy (on the low key tho)

Jonathan +Jeff


These two were really fun to photograph. Something interesting I took from our conversation, the one in the white shirt is a sound engineer but he initially described himself as an artist with sound (or something like that. I’m not *22 anymore, I can’t remember everything perfectly). Being the inquisitive ass journalist that I am I said “Really? do tell” and I leaned in for an explanation. He told me he sees what he does as more than just engineering sound because of the creative aspects of it. I respect that, alot. Creativity isn’t one sided and if you have a medium and an intention art can be created in many forms.

Also, I’m quite envious of Jeff’s ability to wear a plain white shirt to a party and leave without one stain. This is an ability I have yet to master. I cant even get through 30 minutes in my house without staining a white shirt! To be honest I would probably  still stain a white shirt while swimming in a pool of bleach.

*i’m only 24, I just have an old soul [and I need an alibi for misquotes]



Fun Fact: He customized this sweater himself. I love this look due to the fact that Kanye is selling shit like this for like half a month’s rent and a few limbs, so basically Keanu saved himself  $600 + one arm and one leg by just doing it his damn self. I respect that, highly.

Learn the lesson children:

  1. Don’t be broke
  2. Pay your bills
  3. Eat some vegetables on occasion
  4. Crop/distress your own damn sweaters!

These are the keys to life people, don’t act like I don’t bring you valuable life lessons with each article.


Don’t you just love it when your at the VIRGO listening party and all of a sudden you fall into a editorial photoshoot. No? Not a regular occurrence for you? Oh, well OBVIOUSLY THIS IS JUST A REALITY FOR THIS ONE SO YOU BETTER👏🏿GET 👏🏿IN👏🏿TO👏🏿IT! I have nothing else to say, just soak in this all white moment.

This is someone living their life to the fullest, on camera.




  1. I like overalls.
  2. I like sunglasses at night.
  3. I like baseball caps
  4. I like chill people

This dude is all of that and more, we should probably be friends. I mean, look at these! He’s so nonchalant, he’s literally just chilling, living his life.

I feel like I should make up a whole story behind this.

I feel like this is a liquor ad for some sort of hipster fair trade liqueur/moonshine/turn up juice.

I feel like I need to be cooler now.

I also feel like I need to buy whatever liqueur it is he’s selling.