Gift Guide for The Art Lover

For those who may not know,  Miami is not just a great place to vacation but it is the perfect place to find original and thoughtful gifts. A city full of artists and artisans is a city full of unique and handmade treasures.

Whether you need to find a gift for a friend, a family member a co-worker, or even yourself, I have put together a list of 5 fun and budget-friendly gift ideas, which not only spread good energy but support Miami’s local business community. Now more than ever is the time to support our local businesses, whether you are shopping online or stopping by the store, you can spend where it makes a difference.

Cafecito Lover's Bundel
Cafecito Lover’s Bundel-$65

1) Cafecito Lover’s Bundle with Succulents

Though you may not be able to serve coffee with this adorable set of assorted succulents, you will definitely serve good vibes. This Cafecito Lover’s bundle includes 1 cup cafetera, 1 tacita, and 1 creamer upcycled with succulents and love. These artsy arrangements are a great addition to a home and will definitely put a smile on anyone who lays eyes on them. Not only is this coffee set with succulents pleasing to your eyes, but studies prove that indoor plants have a lot of health benefits including boosting your mood and reducing stress levels.

You can Get this unique Cafecito Lover’s bundle for $65 from La Succulenta.  You can find many more unique treasures arranged with succulents at La Succulenta. Each arrangement is hand-crafted utilizing upcycled vintage vessels as well as uniquely repurposed modern vessels, using cacti, succulents, and house plants.  Every custom arrangement is thoughtfully designed and brought to life by Erika Rodriguez, creator, and founder of La Succulenta.  La Succulenta even offers classes ranging from Vision Board Planters to DIY upcycle for people of all ages.

The Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book
The Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book-$35.99

2) The Ultimate Street Art Coloring book

Unleash your creative side and discover your inner artist with The Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book, the largest collaboration of street artists for a social cause in the world. Coloring books are not just for kids anymore, this creative outlet can be used by people of all ages to tap into their creativity and ease their mind from any stress. The Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book allows you to color in the creations made by a selection of legendary street artists and muralists including Kenny Scharf, Vhils, Ron English, and many more.

You can color modern masterpieces and world-famous murals from world-class cities like New York City, Paris, and Miami. You can get The Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book for $35.99 at The Wynwood Walls Shop. It is not just a great gift, when you buy one, a free textbook is given to children in need. The Wynwood Walls Shop is full of original gift options, it offers everything from rare street art books to custom-created lifestyle accessories and apparel. The shop features Wynwood Walls branded merchandise and exclusive collaborations with current and former Wynwood Walls artists.

90s Pastel Polka Dot Rectangles
90s Pastel Polka Dot Rectangles-$25

3) 90’s Pastel Polka Dot Painted Earrings

These vibrant and super cute 90s rectangle dangle earrings will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. Dotted with a pink circle stud at the top, these hand-painted wooden earrings come in baby blue with black and white polo dots. You can get these fun earrings for $25 from Le Chic Miami, in their Miami Vice collection. Le Chic Miami creates unique hand-painted wooden earrings, and are known for their use of vibrant colors and playful design.

There are so many earrings to chose from!  They offer a wide range of colorful earring collections including, Tropical paradise, Holiday, Retro, and Fruit earrings. Everything is made by hand! Le Chic Miami earrings are laser cut on basswood, then hand-painted with acrylic. Their jewelry is also sealed with a polyurethane topcoat so they will last for years to come.

Bamboo Cabana Dinner Plates
Bamboo Cabana Dinner Plate-$12.50

4) Bamboo Cabana Dinner Plates

Make any meal a fun occasion with these Cabana dinner plates with bright, lemon-yellow stripes. Made from bamboo, these eco-friendly dinner plates are reminiscent of mid-century Palm Springs and can be used indoors or out. These vibrant plates can make any meal an art piece, and will surely bring good energy to the table.  These lightweight dishes are easy to take care of and can be put in the dishwasher. You can get these Cabana dinner plates with bright, lemon-yellow stripes at Frangipani for $12.50 per plate.

Frangipani is a vibrant concept store located in Wynwood where you can find a wide range of unique products and gifts, varying from sustainable clothing and accessories to unique home decor. Frangipani celebrates independent makers and socially responsible products, offering high-quality creations that are either handmade, sustainable, artistic, or just different from what you will find anywhere else.

 5) Face Mask with Tropical Green Palm Leaves

face mask
Tropical Green Palms Leaves Face Mask 100% High-Quality Cotton-$15.99

A stylish face mask decorated with tropical green palm leaves art is definitely a useful gift to receive during a global pandemic. With 3 layers of protection, this eco-friendly mask made with 100% cotton is a great way to cover your nose and mouth with style. Sold at the Wynwood Shop for $15.99, the mask is washable and reusable and comes in different sizes and styles.  These colorful face masks are available in many different prints and patterns, including stylish unisex options.

Sanitizer Cleansing Spray
Face Mask Sanitizer Cleansing Spray-$12.99

Wynwood Shop even created their own Face Mask Sanitizer cleaning spray with Benzalkonium Chloride and alcohol to help you keep your mask clean. This sanitizing spray is sold for $12.99 and can be a great gift to pair with a stylish mask. Its quick-drying spray formula is effective at killing bacteria and germs on contact, helping reduce the spread of illness while being gentle on your skin. (Please note this is not a replacement to wash your mask but a maintenance product).

Whenever you feel the need to clean or refresh your mask you can give it a quick spray. Wynwood Shop is full of other unique products comprised of hand-picked local brands that span different lines, like jewelry, home decor, books, and fashion. It is a creative space and e-commerce platform designed to welcome artists, emerging brands, and creators of all walks of life.