When it comes to the geographic region designated the United States of America, our not so humble city of Miami is without a doubt the center of the conscious uprising that is taking place. You know what I’m talking about. Everyone knows someone who is slanging essential oils, vitamin packs, plant-based everything, and I mean literally everything. The latest craze I’ve heard is this wild argument over whether or not you’re a good person if you use a sheepskin condom. Despite the so-called “health benefits” to it.

Listen, I’m not knocking it. Even I’ve got a finger or two in the movement. Shameless plug one and shameless plug two.

Miami is the perfect place to bring the consciousness out of people. It’s beautiful here. Being conscious is about gratitude. It’s easy to be grateful for at least your environment when you live here. Being that it’s warm all the time people tend to wear less clothing which means they pay attention to what they eat as a way to try and look aesthetically pleasing.

We’re also ground zero for the climate crisis, which results in anti-plastic efforts, recycling, attention to composting, etc. I mean we’re not San Francisco, but the good thing is not everyone here is completely buried in their phones all the time. It’s a great place to “startup” if you want work-life balance.

The point is Miami has a little bit of everything. Yoga, hot or cold. Coffee, hot or cold. Juice, hot-pressed, cold-pressed. People, cold and hot, and now thanks to Nelsy Rivas we even have Chakradance! Nelsy and I were introduced by several mutual colleagues, Adriana Jaramillo, and Susan from the Women of Peace. She was looking for a venue to host her next Chakradance™.

Being a huge fan of both chakras and dancing I was intrigued, and Nelsy was happy to share information on what the combination is all about. The way that Nelsy explains Chakras is this: “We are beings of vibrating energy”, and have seven main energy centers. These main energy centers are called Chakras Each of these energy centers/chakras corresponds with both physical and emotional elements. When we keep our chakras aligned we are allowing for healing energy to flow freely through us.

“Do what feels natural to you.” Nelsy Rivas

What is Chakradance™?

I can best describe Chakradance™ as a moving meditation. My two favorite things about it are that:

  • it is done in community, but at the same time,
  • it is also very personal and introspective.

The actual dance is done with one’s eyes closed.  We start off in circle, do a warm up, the dance, mandala art and then close in circle again.  My other favorite thing about it is that, as a certified Chakradance instructor, I guide you through the dance accompanied by music specific to each of the chakras, but there’s no choreography. You do what feels natural to you. It is self expression and you will never experience two Chakradances alike. I love empowering people to heal themselves and stand in their own power. I love introducing people to the idea that listening to their body and expressing themselves in their own unique way, is healing – they are aligning their chakras and healing themselves! How amazing to be a part of that!!


Oh my gosh, girl, I think I have been Chakradancing on Snapchat in my room without even knowing it. Just doing what naturally feels good for me,  but now I’m worried because I’ve been doing it to all types of music and I’m worried I’ve activated some chakras that didn’t need to be, and ish might be off-balance now. I need to take your class. Who else should take it?

Everyone!  One of the many beautiful things about Chakradance™ is that it celebrates our uniqueness. There’s no choreography so there’s no right or wrong way to do it.  You go inward and just move the way your body wants to. It’s a celebration of self-expression and how wonderfully unique we all are.  It’s a beautiful way to connect and communicate with your body and let it tell you how it’s doing and what it wants to do.  It’s also empowering to know that you can align and heal your own chakras by simply honoring yourself and giving yourself this time.


How did you get into doing it?

Funny story. It was synchronicity at it’s best!  Long story short I was looking for an inspiring meme to include in a personal email. My intuition had me stuck on one image, which lead me to the page of a Chakradance™ instructor. I was intrigued by the name, looked it up and was hooked. I signed up that night!

Just following your intuition! I see you Nelsy! What difference has it made in your life?

It encompasses so many things I love. Meditation, community, music, art, and I get to share that with people. It’s a blessing! People will say “I’m not a dancer” or “I don’t know how to draw” but end up having a great time because it’s all about self-expression both the movement and the mandala art.  On introspective level, when I practice it grounds me and lets me know what areas need some healing.


Can I get an Amen! What challenges have you faced while building your business?

It’s sad that sometimes the people you think will support you, don’t.  I felt like I should give my services for free to friends. It truly helps you realize what money blocks you have.

“If we were more accepting of eachother, of differences, of talking and learning about issues that affect the people around us, there wouldn’t be as many prejudices and stigmas out there.” – Nelsy Rivas

Ok! Last question, unrelated to your art: What is the biggest problem facing the world today and how do we solve it?

Stigmas! Because of stigmas we have the mental health crisis we do.  I am a huge fan of inclusion and basically, if we were more accepting of eachother, of differences, of talking and learning about issues that affect the people around us, there wouldn’t be as many prejudices and stigmas out there.

Mental health is a huge problem that affects so many people and the people around them. If mindfulness and a holistic approach to health was more readily available and mainstream, I believe that would help people who need both diagnosed and undiagnosed healing – chemical imbalances and projecting that leads to bullying. In the end everyone has a story but not everyone has tools to deal with their story.

Nelsy, thank you for the chance to interview you! This Rumi quote comes to mind as a good close. “You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” Excited for all the success coming your way, and all the people’s lives who will be changed for the better as a result. #onelove #vibesup

Want to see Nelsy do more Chakradance™? She also shared with me that once she acquires a set of silent headphones she offer it in more places, so I set up a GoFundMe for Nelsy. She won’t know until she reads this article. Visit this link to contribute and thank you in advance for sharing.

A natural empath, Nelsy Rivas turned her youth passion of volunteering and activism into a career path. From organizing and facilitating workshops and community events to being an active member of the community, Nelsy is dedicated to sharing her passion(s) with others. That same guiding interpersonal spirit led her to make sure to attain a certification in Human Resources while studying for a Bachelors in Professional Administration at Barry University in Miami Shores, FL.

After years of focusing her energy outwardly to the positive benefit of others, she embarked on an internal spiritual journey, which led her to leave the nine-to-five for a life by design as a conscious business owner, after 15 years in the non-profit world. It was during this journey she Synchroniziously found ChakradanceTM. She’s currently working on several projects to help inspire and heal overlooked pockets of the community, while continuing to study and explore new opportunities. As a conscious entrepreneur, Nelsy is effectively balancing her desire to give to others with feeding her own soul, and now teaches other women how to do the same. Contact her for private sessions and retreats.