The Other SistahCorinne Stevie Francilus

From her studio apartment, surrounded by unfinished canvases and paint brushes dipped in cloudy cups of water the artist declared, “Corinne Stevie is the oddity; Corinne Stevie is none of the things you’ve seen at the same time.”

Local artist Corinne Stevie Francilus believes in the power of creativity. She considers herself a lover, a cynic, an intellectual, a fighter, an extremist and an optimist but, above all, an artist.


Corinne Stevie just released an EP album, Amalgam Nation, a melting pot of many things — people, cultures, ideas, and emotions, has been mysteriously brewing for the last 2 years. Timeshare from Australia, produced most of the tracks. Taste the many flavors of her musical stew:


Corinne Stevie received formal training from the Savanna College of Art and Design where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She works on a variety of mediums, her drawings are created with charcoal, ink, and colored pencil. Her paintings are composed of acrylic, oils, watercolor, and mixed media. She has had several exhibits in Miami and Atlanta, including, All Together Now, a group art show presented by Art Nouveau Magazine in Atlanta. In addition, Corinne Stevie has been commissioned for several public and private murals including, Noah’s Ark, Precious Years Day Care, and the Girl Power inner city program public mural collaboration.