Prez DT Considers LEEDS meets MIAMI

America’s Commander-in-Chief-Executive may no longer be welcome to speak to UK Parliament when he slips across the proverbial pond for an official state visit (both Houses will be in recess then anyway), but that doesn’t mean all Brits are opposed to hearing the chronically outspoken American President speak out.


Take for instance the gang of four Northern soul-stirrers in the MIA for the inaugural LEEDS meets MIAMI. Not only did the contingent quickly extend an invitation that’s intended to make up for their Parliament’s unseemly snub; the foursome also offered Prez DT the highly-coveted spot right before the Battle Royale.



“We thought it extremely rude of Parliament to rescind the American President’s invitation,” said playwright/poet Zodwa Nyoni. “The decision also runs counter to the country’s ethos. Britain prides itself on diversity, and that includes diverse views and opinions. What’s next, rescinding the right to immigrate?”


Nyoni, who’s of Zimbabwean heritage, knows a thing or three about diversity. As do her stagemates, fellow Leedsies Saju Ahmed (Bengal), as well as Mimz Robinson and Khadijah Ibrahiim (both Jamaican). And, as you likely suspect, the quartet have formed a united front vis-a-vis the highly-unlikely U.S. President.


“Say what you will about Mr. Trump,” says Ahmed. “He’ll do likewise, probably even more so. But by all means, let it be said. That’s the beauty of the British system.”


Calvin and Alsimmer Early, founders of the Spoken Word Exchange and the Leeds wordslingers American hotssts, are quick to concur, adding that tolerance is one of the main traits which makes the States beautiful too.

“The Spoken Word Exchange is founded upon the principals of tolerance and diversity,” said Calvin. “We seek differences, because we believe it is the differences which unite us.”

At press time it’s unknown whether the uninvited American will accept the olive branch and add his two cents to the riches to be had at LEEDS meets MIAMI; what is known is that should Mr. T see fit to slip into the Historic Hamptons House, he will fall prey to a reality that actually exists, one where even perhaps the most despised man on the planet is given a chance to speak; if, that is, he’s got guts enough to then for once sit his ass down and listS these young guns have to say, listening will simply be what happens when you’re made to shut the fuck up.