High Tide:The TremendsTake The Anderson


By Santi Saez 

Tonight, The Tremends will have their debut performance at The Anderson’s weekly High Tide party. The self-proclaimed “Pink Punk” trio uses Miami’s natural beauty as their sweeping authority in the essence of their songs.

“The majestical and beautiful (ocean) is a big influence on us and all that comes with it–clouds, wind, and moon,” says lead singer and guitarist Juan Rozas.  “I guess the pink is somewhere in those sunsets and we channel it sometimes.”

Their latest single “Now We Know,” will be available for free via SoundCloud on Thursday preceding their show at The Anderson.

Though their songs may seem simple for the sake of melody, the underlying subjects can be quite convoluted.

“(It’s) sometimes hard to follow a line of thought,” says Rozas.  “But (we) rely on the power of words as individuals; each one (as) a whole realm.”