'YES'Rock-N-Roll  House of Famers Take Pompano Amphitheatre


This past Sunday, Prog-Rock legends YES returned to South Florida fresh off the boat, literally. After returning from their annual ‘Cruise to The Edge’ rock cruise, they embarked on a tour of the YES: “Album Series” Tales / Drama. Those two albums were some of the most influential in the development and growth of the Prog-Rock music scene. If you haven’t ever listened to any of Yes’ earlier albums, do yourself a favour and go pick up some of their earlier work. Well, go on, right now! Okay, after you read this. Their music is melodic and orchestral in nature, with heavy symphonic tones. Having been around for the better part of almost 50 years, that’s almost 5 decades, a YES show never disappoints. The band has had many members over its long and illustrious career, (20 plus). The current lineup is longtime members Steve Howe (guitar) & Alan White (drums), followed by Geoff Downes (keyboards) Billy Sherwood (bass) and Jon Davison (lead vocals).

Having come off a tragic 2015 with the passing of founding bassist Chris Squire, the band took a short break before resuming the musical life they’ve known and loved for almost 5 decades, bringing in Billy to fill the spot of Chris.

The show this past Sunday at The Amp in Pompano was nothing short of amazing. A beautiful, cool February night under the stars and completely engulfed in the ethereal sounds of YES. The guitar playing of Steve Howe can only be described as legendary. Some of the longest and tightest solos you will ever experience. Some of the songs can exceed 15 to 20 minutes in length. The musical stories that are told are something to experience. This was probably my 7th or 8th YES show, since my first one in the early 80’s. I never leave without a smile on my face, as do all of the fans.

Finally, after many years, YES has been given the respect they deserve by the musical community when it was announced that they will finally be inducted into the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame in the class of 2017 this coming April. A long overdue honour for them to say the least. If any band deserved to be inducted, YES is at the top of the list. The influence they’ve had on bands melodically, lyrically, and musically, for the past 48 years can’t be denied. They pushed the bounds of music and have had a nice long ride, releasing 21 studio albums, and 17 live albums, selling over 35million+ albums and playing live to millions more. Congrats to YES, and thanks for another great evening. Cheers!

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