III POINTS- 2017 -

Highlights from the Fifth Annual Music, Arts, and Tech Festival

Obligatory entrance introduction

The art of putting together a music festival is not one that is easy to master. Every detail matters for those of us that pay up the hefty prices for admission. From promises of our favorite musical acts, installations, and new experiences. Any detail left unattended will determine whether the festival attendees will return or call it there last year attending. 

Enter III Points. Bridging the festival divide, III Points, a multi-day music encounter, curates a lineup of cutting-edge talent, large-scale art installations, and experiential technology.  III Points creates a platform that showcases not only international cutting-edge music but also features Miami-based music acts, along with local thinkers, dreamers and doers that are reshaping the community. 

Big ups to the III points staff for consistency across the board this year. It’s difficult to improve on the chaos and mayhem that is III points weekend, but this festival seems to get better year by year. III Points sold-out fifth year with headliners Gorillaz making their Miami debut. Plus, The xx, Nicolas Jaar, Richie Hawtin, Kaytranada, and Bonobo. If you left III points thinking last year was better, then you probably only attended a single day. Even after one of hell of hurricane season, this festival comes strong and unites the artistic community for a weekend of diversity. Presenting not just great music but also the representing the arts with installations by the North American debut of Brian Eno’s extended audio work The Ship, another North American debut of a new work by Nonotak, and further works by Jason Boogie, @Haiileen, Jose Mertz, Mokibaby and many others.

One of the many installations that were sprinkled across the compound
Slap & tickle room
Nasti gazing at a papaya just before the contest started
Porn Nails, doing your nails while porn plays on a screen nearby
Best seats in the house, a bus!
The “secret” bar, Uno cards are used as currency and drinks are spiked with Redbull
Something something yoga
During the papaya contest at Gramps.
Taking photos of musicians is monotonous but if they’re dressed like a cenobite then they’re cool with me.
The one thing I didn’t want to stand under
Peaking during Gorillaz [Photo by Baker]

Keep your ears to ground Miami, you want to get those early bird tickets for 2018.

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III Points x Art Basel

Tuesday, December 5 2017

III Points is bringing Björk to Miami on December 5th, 2017 for a special musical engagement—and her first ever appearance in Florida as part of our fifth annual Art Basel Concert Series.

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