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The Best of Miami Art Week 2017

There is something magical about hitting the town every night during Miami Art Week. The city is filled with a new kind of energy, we all get to fall in love with Miami all over again. Not to mention the breezy weather that hit us all weekend.

Miami Art Week is all about decision making. A seamless experience, not guaranteed. Proper planning not necessary – unless it’s your first time then please plan twice.One wrong turn is enough to lead you on a path home instead of your next art fair or party. Especially when most of us are traveling after work to reach our obscure destination *INSERT POP SHOW*. Making it in time for the free drinks is the only reason to arrive early and even if you get there in time, if you don’t assess the parking situation beforehand you might just wait longer for that then actually getting to the show. My rule of thumb is $20 parking should equal at least $20 dollars in free drinks? If not is it worth it? Absolutely.


Spectrum Miami, Red Dot Miami, and ArtSpot Miami, the renowned three shows in one location, celebrated by the international fine art industry during Miami Art Week, announces its most impressive year to date for exhibitor sales and overall attendance during the five-day event in the heart of the city’s Arts & Entertainment District.


Design Miami/ completed its 13th edition this weekend, following six days of more than 38,000 visits by the collectible design world’s top collectors, curators and members of museum leadership. Themes of past and future, of optimism and philanthropy, ran through this year’s fair, and a general spirit of creating a more sustainable world.

Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen welcomed guests into their living room during Design Miami/ 2017 with A Wild Thing. Recorded narratives from the designers’ lives were paired with selected items within the space, creating a highly immersive installation and illustrating the invisible connection between hosts and guests- a truly Airbnb experience.

Satellite is an artist-run organization consisting of team members Brian Andrew Whiteley, Alex Paik, Jesse Bandler Firestone and Quinn Dukes. Satellite is able to offer patrons and collectors with a unique experience where art is at the forefront of creative expression, activism, and curiosity. As such, Satellite is the antagonist to the standard fair and in turn, fills the voids left by Miami Art Week’s soullessness through collaboration, direct engagement, and fun. Satellite is your chance to experience what art is without the restrictions customary to traditional settings.

This year, Satellite featured 40 immersive art installations, exhibitions, and performances located inside the abandoned beachfront Ocean Terrace Hotel.


Pérez Art Museum Miami welcomed nearly 4,700 members and art world VIPs for PAMM Presents, the museum’s signature Art Week celebration, featuring music by DJ Maseo of De La Soul, Young Paris, and Holly Hunt.


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