Fuel Your Inspiration
– Enter the Fordista Film Contest!

Following a super fun (and successful) interactive pop-up at FilmGate’s Tech Playground last month, the Fordistas are inviting pros and amateurs alike to create Instagram micro-films using only the bare essentials — a smartphone and pure artistic vision. South Florida Ford and FilmGate invite YOU to tell your story and share your own unique perspective by entering the Fordistas Micro-Film Contest

How to Enter in 3 Easy Steps:


The contest is open to the entire South Florida community – from Abuelita to aspiring artists, emerging filmmakers or established professionals. Don’t matter. The more the merrier!

First, you’ve gotta sign-up. Luckily, they’ve made it easy. To officially enter the Fordistas Micro-Film Contest, just complete the registration form. Go on, now. 

You’ll need to follow @soflaford on Instagram in order to qualify, and only people 18 and older can win.


You’ve registered! Great, now comes the fun part.

Create some videos on your mobile device (max 15 seconds per video).

Capture what inspires you, tell a story, be creative! To complete your entry, you must submit a total of 8 videos.

Each video must be inspired by and center around one or more of the following elements: Image, Time, Motion, Sound, Lighting, Sequence, Composition, Further.

Note: One of the videos must somehow incorporate a Ford logo. How you incorporate the logo, is up to you, so have fun with it!

 3. SHARE 

Upload your masterpieces on Instagram. You may upload all of your entries at once, or you could upload them throughout the duration of the contest.

Remember: to qualify, you must share a total of 8 videos inspired by the 8 elements listed above.

Come up with catchy captions for your videos. In the caption, be sure to identify the element inspired the video.

You’ll also need to mention @soflaford and use hashtag #fordistafilms.


FORDISTAS MICRO-FILM CONTEST: Entries must be uploaded to Instagram by April 30, 2015 (11:59 PM ET). Select finalists will be featured during a special screening of I’m Not Gonna Move to LA (NOLA). A committee of South Florida filmmakers will gather around the screen and decide the fate of your entries. Three winners will be awarded $1,000. RULES | WEBSITE