Tesoro Carolina talks “Out of Chrysalis” a Group Exhibit

If you like it art, like it!  Not because a he or a she made it but because it exists and you like it

Like the creation of art, the metamorphosis of a butterfly isn’t easy. First, it needs to be the right time (in the case of an artist, a moment of inspiration or an idea). Then, it needs to find the right place to build a cocoon (or a creative haven). Then, it delicately weaves its silky soul (or mixed-media, in this case) into a shell. What happens next is a kind of magic which can be explained only by of the wonders of evolutionary science.

Once upon a time, C. S. Lewis chose a crude caterpillar for a reason; similarly Tesoro Carolina chose to call her group show Out of Chrysalis. Sprightly like a newly hatched butterfly and just as mysterious.

From the Miami suburbs to the artistically lush walls of Wynwood, local female street artist, Tesoro Carolina’s artwork maintains style and consistency. while remaining eerily elegant.

We asked her a few questions:

You’re a local Miami artist, tell me a bit about your experience growing up in Miami and how it’s influenced you to make art?

I was an extremely hyperactive home schooled kid living in Kendal. My Beautiful Honduran mother thought it was a great idea to preoccupy me w/ arts and crafts projects and it worked kinda lol, Growing up in these streets  While riding in her car  I got to see a ton of graffiti and my art hungry little brain soaked it all in like a tiny sponge. Later in my teens I started working, drawing, learning at a local tattoo shop, and a local gallery and I haven’t stopped “arting” ever since lol. 

I notice that you’re quite the Renaissance Woman, how important is it these days to stay active and involved in your culture to the point where you take on multiple creative endeavors such as painting murals, photography, and modeling?

I just can’t help it. Early in life began learning about Art, however, I could whenever I could. In time, I realized that I didn’t like to give myself limits or confine myself to one medium ( at least not yet.) I consider myself forever a student to the arts, so the more experience in the field of aesthetics the better.

You have this modern roaring 20’s aspect about you and it shows in your work, is there a similarity between the subjects in your photographs and the faces your draw? 

My life is really inspired by Classic Cinema. If I could go back in time, I would dance with Gene Kelly, or get a kiss stolen from Clark Gable. Turner Classic Movies was as important  in my development in my youth as it is today  so that influence may trickle out of me in my work.

Tell us about your latest work being shown at, “Out of Chrysalis.”

Out of Chrysalis is a group show curated by me featuring local up and coming female artist Aquarela Sabol, Deming King Harriman, Kat King, Leah Guzman, yours truly and selected artist from the Miami-Dade Public Library System’s permanent collection. This show represents each individual’s artist journey out of their own Chrysalis and into the world. We have a “nest” like area where each individual artist created their own chrysalis and write beside that we have a live ongoing painting installation. The installation features an ongoing collaboration of all five local lady artists featured in this exhibition.  This show is up in the  Main Library 1st & 2nd  floor exhibition spaces until May 31st so stop by from time to time and check out the development of the live installation.

Since you participate in some form of street art, have you ever heard the rumor that Banksy might be a woman and what are your thoughts about that or Banksy, in general?
I have great respect for Banksy, Whomever He or She may be.  Art sees no gender so, I don’t see why it would matter I would like it the same. If you like it art, like it! not because a he or a she made it but because it exists and you like it.

Out of Chrysalis” Curated by Tesoro Carolina January 31 – May 30, 2015 Main Library, 1st & 2nd Floor Exhibition Spaces More Information