Strangeways + Packet Bi-Weekly Magazine Release, Deon Rubi + Little Haiti Thrift Shop Fashion Show, Live Performances By Afrobeta + Richard Kennedy (Hercules and Love Affair). Catering by Chef Jaqcues Joseph (Gigis). Ra Ra Procession.

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“Be” exhibition featuring photography and group wall curated by Sarah MK Moody, in her latest venture Maggie Knox, a collaborative creative space in Little Haiti. (Install photographs taken by Flying Pyramids). Proceeds donated to the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Research Center, in honor of Claire Moody. On view through December by appointment.

Artists: Sarah MK Moody, Deon Rubi, Nikki Salcedo, Andrew Kaufman, Aaron Hill, Tara Elizabeth Long, Lizzy Newberry, Sarah Newberry, Bhakti Baxter, Amanda Season Keeley, Johnny Robles, Jessica Martin, Monica Uszerowicz, Kathryn Chadason, Diggy Lloyd, Autumn Ahn, Jessy Nite, Kristin Ross, Deming Harriman, Cristina Gonzalez

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Hosted by Agustina Woodgate and Patricia Margarita Hernandez with tunes by Gooddroid


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Babys All Right x Gummdrops present: Mykki Blanco, Krisp, Millionyoung, Prince Rama, Winstons, Helix, .wavs, Kriz Rara Rev Nou Inc, Rudy Romaine, Organikribe, Curls, Fsik Huvnk, Russel Mofsky, Tatsuya Nakatani, Jelly, Bobby Flan, Dim Past, Nick Klein.


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Featuring Zebra Katz Live, Gooddroid, BonnieBeats, Nikki Mizrahi, Trigga Ebony, Will O Miza, Tone Milan, Sierra Mizrahi, Trigga Ebony, Johnny Infiniti


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blow out bash

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Photography by Sarah MK Moody

In its simplest form, #IHAITIBASEL is an interactive map, linking visitors to local businesses, artist-run spaces, and commercial galleries in the neighborhood during Art Week Miami. Available online and mobile-friendly, the #IHAITIBASEL map is an open forum. 

MGKAT, a group of female artists and producers, created 5 site specific installations and events to coordinate with #IHAITIBASEL and Art Week Miami. The above are documentation of the events hosted by MGKAT.

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