For the l❤︎ve of Doh’

Velvet Creme Doughnuts Returns + Gets A Food Truck

By Savory Sinderella

Velvet Creme’s dogmatic-like resurrection was announced this past October, coupled with even better news –  a food truck.

I repeat donut heads, a truck filled with ooey-gooey, melt in your mouth, freshly baked doughnuts for the taking!!!

I myself, am some what of a doughnut connoisseur. While most plan their vacations around monuments and museums, I look forward to checking off doughnut shops from my fat girl bucket list. However, being well versed in glazedology, Miami is noticeably lacking in the artisan doughnut scene. Thus, with the announcement of Velvet Creme’s resurgence, I had to find out more about those rotund glazed gems, and when they would be back in their iconic candy striped boxes. Krista Rios, of the Velvet Creme crew was awesome enough to answer some of Savory Sinderella’s serious, hard-hitting questions, because doughnuts are no laughing matter.

When will the shop re-open? and when will the food truck be out and about?

We are still working on a spot for the flagship store, but the food truck will be rolling out in January (We are considering debuting it at Burger Beast’s annual food truck festival on January 31, 2015). We also have a kiosk that will be stationed at either a campus or business, but are still in discussions with potential venues before we decide which will be the best spot.

Which areas will the food truck target? what kind of events?

The food truck will target primarily the South Miami and Coral Gables areas for now. We are hoping to be stationed at the University of Miami for the better part of the week, but are still in discussions with them about that.

What kind of doughnut nom can we expect from the truck? 

The food truck will offer a variety of fresh doughnuts such as glazed (customers will be able to actually see the glazed doughnuts being glazed through a window on the truck!), crème-filled, frosted, cake doughnuts, etc. as well as other assorted pastries. We will also have our signature coffee available along with non-alcoholic sodas, juices, and milk. You can even purchase some Velvet Crème memorabilia right from our truck!

2img4What sort of changes can we expect from the new Velvet Creme? and what parts of our childhood VC will remain the same?

The recipes for the doughnuts are the same – so customers will enjoy the same delicious doughnuts they remember! Our biggest change is the addition of our signature coffee, which is sure to be a hit with our fans! The boxes for the doughnuts will be the same for the most part (same look, but different way to open it, etc.)

Will there be any grand opening festivities? 

We are very excited about debuting our truck and are looking to have the grand opening at the Burger Beast festival. We are still in the works of what exactly we will do regarding festivities and the like, but there will be something  🙂

Now, the best question: If you could be any doughnut what would you be and why?

I think we all agree that if we could be any doughnut we would be the famous “Round John”. The “Round John”, as many of our fans remember, is a crème-filled yeast donut with chocolate frosting. It is Velvet Crème’s most popular doughnut, and really are signature item. Though similar doughnuts are offered elsewhere, ours sets us apart. It’s not your standard glazed doughnut, like Velvet Crème it’s a bit of a classic, but not standard. It is nostalgic, a little retro, and a fan favorite.

Finally, What flavors can we expect from the new shop?

The new shop, as far as retail (which is still in the works), will offer the most variety. There, we are looking to offer glazed, of course, as well as doughnuts filled with a variety of different fillings (different types of crèmes, a variety of jellies, and some not-so-typical fillings that will be pay homage to our hometown of Miami) The food truck will offer glazed as well, round johns, other yeast doughnuts with a different filling (not as big a variety as the store though), frosted, and sprinkled. We also have a special twist on your traditional doughnut company that we are working on – but that’s a surprise for now.

A special thanks to Krista Rios, and the Velvet Creme crew for sharing their secrets.For further Velvet Creme information & news: Website Facebook Twitter