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Your Guide to Miami Art Week 2k14 Music Events

tumblr_m9h3e8mEVi1qap9uuo1_500By John Anthony Ruiz

Art Week. So many things to do and only so much time. Between all the amazing galleries to see from Midtown to Miami Beach, Art Week can be whatever you want it to be. Some of us enjoy planning the entire weekend with scheduled itineraries, while others simply go with the flow, soaking in as much art, music, and food as humanly possible.

I’m here to tell you about the music. I’ve also got FREE TICKETS to some sweet parties. Plus, to get you warmed up for the dance floor, we’ve compiled a Miami Art Week 2k14 Playlist to compliment our guide. You’re welcome! We love you too. 

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Grand Central, Thursday, December 4, 10pm  Tickets

After a very booming year and improbable events in the universe, Life and Death returns to its beloved Miami. Colluding with PL0T and Poplife to create a materialized encounter as they take us on a journey through their world, blazing between life and death. Based on the vision of bringing the puzzling and undisguised sounds of the label to full sensory dimension, this 10-hour affair shall not resemble a conventional club night nor yet another label showcase. This year’s twist, the distinct and noteworthy – INNERVISIONS own DIXON, debuting alongside the label’s star – VAAL. Expect mind­-boggling music, created only by Life and Death’s distinct art direction. Expect a physical transformation of Grand Central and The Garret’s performance areas, all of which will be equipped with cutting edge sound, including the club’s own custom Adamson Sound System, to ensure that patrons and art aficionados alike enjoy the full spectrum of this exquisite multi-­sensory experience.


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The National YoungArts Campus, Thursday, December 4, 7pm  Tickets

Miami welcomes the weird. More than ever we are open and accepting of all styles of music. FKA aka “Formerly Known As,” will grace the Magic City with a serene style that pairs the xx’s unflinching intimacy, with a menacing undertow reminiscent of Massive Attack’s Mezzanine. On her unassuming 2012 debut EP, she used negative space in a powerful way, her high-pitched whisper drifting in and out to narrate eerily charged scenes. A forthcoming four-track follow-up, dubbed EP 2, will be out next September by Young Turks no less. Her voice is that of a young Janet Jackson. FKA Twigs is likely to bend your mind so prepare yourself!  



 Pérez Art Museum Miami, Thursday, December 4, 8pm  SIGN UP! If you made it to III Points then you most likely got to see

If you made it to III Points then you most likely got to see Kelela take to the stage. As a second-generation Ethiopian immigrant, singer Kelela Mizanekristos felt both inside and outside of her own culture—an in-betweenness she mines to great effect in her own music, which combines R&B and future-thinking electronics.  HEADS UP, this event is open exclusively to PAMM Sustaining and above level members, Art Basel Miami Beach, DesignMiami and Art Miami VIP cardholders.  So if your not a PAMM member and you REALLY wanna catch Kelela and Future Brown, I suggest you follow our link above for a free pass.  Come get your art, music, and culture all in one giant bundle while celebrating PAMMs’s first birthday. Happy birthday in advance! we’re glad to have you!


YoungArts Campus, Friday, December 5, 7pm  Tickets

As part of his 2014 Tour, we are fortunate to have James Blake coming to town thanks to our hommies from III Points and Bardot. When he released “Life Round Here,” Blake delivered a sound that really hadn’t been explored until he decided to use eerie time changes with sensual lows. Like a mad scientist, Blake glides over two keyboards, looping and adding effects while his calm and collected vocals lift you beyond the stratosphere. If there were ever an artist worthy of replaying while your travel the galaxy in hyper sleep, Blake would be a top choice. Besides, we all know 3p puts on great shows by doing b2b YoungArts bookings with FKA Twigs + Clams Casino and James Blake.


 Grand Central, Friday, December 5, 11pm Tickets  Last year Brodinski throw’d down at Basel Castle and even came with the whole Bromance crew for WMC 2014. Its been a whirlwind year for Bromance as they’ve taken an even deeper grip into all relevant genres of music working with artist such as Kanye West, Danny Brown and Kaytranada. From melodic and minimal to funky and hard this is bound to be a show that will take your breath away, forcing air in and out of your lungs by explosive bass frequencies. I was fortunate enough to catch Bromance at WMC in March and if this were an identical show I would still tell you to go.  So grab your home-boys, home-girls, put on your dark street threads and visit Homieland.


STEAM, Thursday, December 6, 2pm  Tickets 

Art exists in various forms. Some use a single haired brush to shade the eyelashes on a portrait. Some arbitrarily splatter paint across a canvas. Some put a giant fucking sea creature in a tank and freeze it in time. And then some choose to mix frequencies created by synthesizers with rhythms made by drum machines, all with the intention to dance for hours and hours, and be transported to another mindset.  So, for Art Basel 2014, we celebrate this form of art with an all day long musical exposition at STEAM in Miami’s heart of Downtown. There will be live art painting. There will be sensory overloading food. And, of course, there will be techno. So leave your turtle-necked, horn-rimmed glasses wearing, contemporary art blog reading friends at the expo center (or bring them) and come celebrate one of the most important forms of art with us.


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 Space Miami, Saturday, December 6, 10pm  Tickets

Saturdays are made for Space and this Art Basel, Paul Van Dyk is back for another round. Known for his recent stints in EDM, what Van Dyk is truly known for is his 6-Hour Marathons with trance induced spells casted across the room. I myself don’t know what to expect during the set, but it promising to range all across Van Dyk’s musical palette. We all know EDM can deter a huge audience, but I expect to see Trance heads take over Space and he will oblige the crowd as any great Dj playing the terrace knows how to do. It’s worth checking out for sure, especially after you’ve closed out another club and decide the party is far from over! See you at after hours.




 Trade, Friday, December 5, 11pm  Tickets

It’s not very often that we get to see not just Sasha, but Dubfire TOGETHER while the likes of Matthew Dear and Carl Craig go b2b just one floor away from each other. Such is the nature of Art Basel and this amazing lineup is the very reason Link Miami Rebels decided to call this party “WHEN PIGS FLY – ART BASEL EDITION.” Expect to hear the incredible live mixes of Deep House, Techno, Minimal, Progressive and possibly a bit of trance between these two warlocks. What that’s going to sound like I literally have no idea, but you can guarantee I will be there to find out. Even if your not familiar with anything I just said, Link Miami Rebels are known for consistency good bookings and have given us a few tickets to dish out because WE know as well as THEY know this is one event you don’t want to miss.


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 Trade, Wednesday, December 3, 10pm  Tickets

Celebrating 20 Years of releasing original music, the enigmatic, Grammy nominated Martin Buttrich presents his #9414 20 Years Tour, running from 20th September until 20th December and marking the launch of his new label plus a new collaboration album project for 2015. This tour marks his step out of the shadows of the studio and into the centre of the dance floor. Featuring artists with whom Buttrich has collaborated throughout his career, together they will conquer landmark cities such as London, New York, Amsterdam, LA, Rome, Berlin and Miami amongst many more. Many of the artists that will join Buttrich on this twenty date tour will also feature on the collaboration album due at the start of 2015. Martin Buttrich is famously as fluent behind a mixing console as in front of a virtual drum kit. That technical prowess, combined with a fascination for music of every shape, has resulted in outstanding releases on influential labels such as Planet E, Four:Twenty, Cocoon, Poker Flat, Nervous and Desolat. He’s also put his sonic thumbprint on many big ticket artists, notably receiving a Grammy nomination for a Tori Amos remix in 2003. Open bar through Midnight.


 TreeHouse, Wednesday, December 3, 11pm  Tickets 

To survive in a fast moving, highly volatile scene such as the electronic dance scene is these days, perseverance and talent are just two of the very important parameters of success. Resistance certainly also counts in that way. In an era where the fast world of “EDM” unfolds in a very short time in new regions and new trends are born in a weekly mode, Marco Bailey is considered as an absolute figurehead in this business. It is indisputable that the Belgian is one of the big personalities who trust in the long-term nature of their work. He’s dedicated to real honest and straight techno that is based simultaneously on progress and development. Open bar through Midnight.


 Trade, Thursday, December 4, 11pm  Tickets 

MODERN AMUSEMENT! Voted this year’s rising star and top new talent in Ibiza along with some amazing productions and a residency at PARADISE in DC-10, Mr. PATRICK TOPPING is on the brink of catching on fire! Along with the boss of HOT CREATIONS, the man himself LEE FOSS. This is one will be truly special we we’ll be transforming TRADE into a beach party on Mars. Open bar ’til 12am. 21 and over.


Do Not Sit On The Furniture, Thursday, December 4, 10pm  Tickets

Kicking off our Art Basel week events on Thursday, December 4th, we welcome the debut of Poker Flat Recordings head honcho Steve Bug at Do Not Sit On The Furniture. Germany‘s very own taste-maker, trend-setter, mover-shaker-extraordinaire Steve Bug is a multi-faceted artist who refuses to back down from the limelight. A dedicated, energetic and constantly surprising talent, Steve is nothing less than an electronic music ambassador, a much-loved spokesman to the people, and for good reason.


Do Not Sit On The Furniture, Friday, December 5, 10pm  Tickets

“My sound is impossible to categorize, but if I were to give it my best shot, I would describe it as a myriad of different subgenres of music I have experimented with during my past 20 years of DJ’ing. It’s mainly composed of sexy music incorporating the finer elements of my deep house roots, all the way to techno,” Behrouz confesses. This being said, Behrouz has quickly become a highly respected DJ, recognized worldwide for his groundbreaking headlining sets. Through his highly acclaimed productions, CD compilations, and award nominations, Behrouz has discovered the recipe to success that has allowed him to become a well known name in the realm of superstar DJ’s.  Come watch this San Fran House Boss take over Miami Beach at his beloved home away from home, Do Not Sit on The Furniture.


STORY, Saturday, December 6, 11pm  Tickets

Famed for his energetic and impressive three-deck style of mixing and long journey set, Marco has remained one of the most in demand DJs on the planet throughout the last two decades. Favoring mammoth eight hour plus sets, Marco is predisposed to a subtle working of the crowd that has made him a favorite among fans from Ibiza to New York, South America and beyond.  Marco Carola is a global ambassador of techno. From Napoli in the south of Italy, Marco was instrumental in the development of the electronic scene in the early 90s, he took the flourishing techno Napolitano scene to the rest of the world.  Over twenty years later and Marco is still one of the most respected artists amongst the techno scene, widely regarded as one of the key factors in driving the genre towards worldwide recognition within electronic music.


Do Not Sit On The Furniture, Sunday, December 7, 8pm   Tickets

Closing out our Art Basel week on Sunday, Dec 7th, is our good friends from Visionquest, Ryan Crosson & Shaun Reeves.  No introduction needed for this duo as they are known globally for their b2b sets that have mesmerized so many of us! We are opening up early for this event, so let’s loose, have a drink or two and end a great week in Miami! Ryan Crosson makes house and techno inspired by the historical precedent set in his native city of Detroit and his adopted hometown of Berlin.  Since his move to Berlin in 2004, Shaun Reeves has been enthralling audiences on both sides of the Atlantic with his own highly distinctive mixture of American house, merged with cutting edge post-minimal techno.


Select Art Fair, December 2-7, 7pm   FREE EVENT

Solange Knowles, recording artist, and founder of Saint Heron Records will curate a selection of performances by feature artists on her label for the duration of SELECT Art Fair 2014. Performances at will happen nightly from 7 – 10 pm on weekdays and 7 – 11 pm on the weekend. All performances at SELECT are FREE and open to the public. Capacity is 1,400 so please arrive early if you plan on getting inside to see the shows.  Its bound to be anyone of the artists St. Heron   For the third year in a row, VH1 is teaming up with SCOPE to bring the ultimate mash-up of ART + MUSIC to Miami Beach. SCOPE is unrivaled as the premier showcase for emerging contemporary art and VH1 continues its commitment to music and to helping expose its audience to up-and-coming artists with buzz-worthy music programming like the You Oughta Know concert, Make a Band Famous and Storytellers. VH1 and SCOPE’s shared commitment to fresh, innovative and emerging art of all disciplines makes them the perfect match to celebrate the crossover between the two worlds of fun and exciting new ways. This year, live music and art will meet again as the art world descends on Miami for its biggest pilgrimage of the year.  OO wait, you need you need a VIP pass to get in?  Sorry guys, looks like this one may be for collectors only. If you happen to be one, do your musically inclined friends a favor a bring them along for this one, they will love you forever for it!

  Hold up! Next stop – WYNWOOD  




The Electric Pickle, December 3, 8PM  Tickets Get your live music fix early on this Art Basel by showing some local love!  This year Tropicult, PureHoney and Gummdrops are working on a fierce collaboration that will incorporate sounds from well known local bands.  Seriously its not everyday we get all these amazing Miami bands under one roof to give you not only a different cup of tea but an entirely different tea pot.  So when your all done from Art Miami remember your walking distance to The Electric Pickle so get that free entry till 10pm, 2-4-1 drinks galore while listening to Tremends, Hunters of the Alps, Bluejay, The Moon Caravan, Palette Town, & The Grey 8s.

Get your live music fix early on this Art Basel by showing some local love!  This year Tropicult, PureHoney and Gummdrops are working on a fierce collaboration that will incorporate sounds from well known local bands.  Seriously its not everyday we get all these amazing Miami bands under one roof to give you not only a different cup of tea but an entirely different tea pot.  So when your all done from Art Miami remember your walking distance to The Electric Pickle so get that free entry till 10pm, 2-4-1 drinks galore while listening to Tremends, Hunters of the Alps, Bluejay, The Moon Caravan, Palette Town, & The Grey 8s.


5865 N. MIAMI AVE., December 3-7, 6pm  Tickets 

Miami creative initiative MGKAT presents #IHAITIBASEL, an arts showcase and interactive project with digital and physical components, set to debut in Little Haiti during Miami Art Week.  In its simplest form, #IHAITIBASEL is an interactive map, linked visiting local businesses, artist-run spaces, and commercial galleries in the neighborhood.  Launching Dec 1, the space will be open everyday 6pm – 2am and on Dec 3 will draw the likes of Magazines Strangeways and Packet Bi Weekly, a fashion show by Deon Rubi and Little Haiti Thrift Shop, food by Guest Chef Jaqcues Joseph of Gigi and a live performance by Richard Kennedy of Hercules and Love Affair.  Also on December 6 at 10pm MGKATWALK: A Night of Vogue with ZEBRA KATZ presented by Catwalk and MGKAT will host a vogue contest with outstanding prizes and who could say no to an open bar?


BARDOT, December 4, 10pm  Tickets 

A few months ago an exceptional Brooklyn-based indie band named Toro y Moi graced our presence at Grand Central and this Art Basel the brainchild of that very group will be bringing his solo project Les Sins over to ultra loung-y Bardot.  Inspired by cartoon and movie soundtracks Chaz Bundick, created this alter ego two years ago when he was working on something the largely instrumental album Michael.  Catchy, repetitive vocal hooks gel with beats and synth work influenced by house, techno, French electronic, and ’90s hip-hop production.  Oh yeah, don’t forget  classic dance and pop music traditions.  Bardot always has your back for the best music and this just proved it again.


The Electric Pickle, Friday, December 5, 11pm  Tickets

CREW LOVE is back in town thanks to PL0T and Slap N Tickle! In the early heyday of Wynwood when it was still semi-dangerous to go to the pickle, these guys rocked the house help bringing Wynwood to what it is today. Some wild extremes make up the whole that is Wolf + Lamb. Extrovert and introvert, vegan and carnivore, cancer survivor, and social saboteur – you’d expect no partnership like this could last for long. But for over a decade, these differences have only sparked the seismic energies that Zev and Gadi bring to dance music. They play passionate music that moves hearts, and not just feet. From their subterranean throwdowns in their Brooklyn corner known as the Marcy Hotel, to the 2005 founding and continued expansion of their family of labels, amid the warm winters and electric environs of Miami – it’s always been about the two of them enjoying life, learning to live with each other, and making friends and fans that become part of the family. Come show the crew some love!


 Miami Ad School, Friday, December 5, 7pm   Tickets

Miami Ad School will celebrate its Official Grand Opening in the new Wynwood location with a FREE, open-to-the-public event on Friday, December 5th during the week of Art Basel Miami Beach. The event will feature eleven artists from around the world with a surprise interactive installation. Guests will have the chance to not just SEE art, but DO art. Along with the festivities will be a special guest DJ, luscious libations and decadent bites that will make this event not-to-miss. During that week, the school will also offer tours of the new space, unique workshops and a pop-up café.

1-800-Dinosuar [JAMES BLAKE DJ SET]

BARDOT, December 5, 10pm  Tickets 

Turns out James Blake is a busy guy.  Not only will he be doing a live performance at The YoungArt Campus but he will be doing a Dj set along with his label hommies from 1-800-dinosaur, Airhead, Klausss, Mr Assiter and Dan Foat who could all possibly show face at this event.  I know you trust in Bardot’s good tastes by now to know that this will be interesting.  So go pay James a visit face to face after his performance because we all know just how up close and personal this setting will be.



 TSL Lounge, Saturday, December 6, 10pm   Tickets 

Honey Soundsystem, NYC magazine Gayletter, and Miami by Chicago DJ/promoter Mystic Bill are all joining forces to put on a party that showcases the gay nightlife of Miami beyond that of Twist and Score. For the past few years Kim Ann Foxman has been brewing a club cult following across the globe; crisscrossing everywhere from Japan to Cologne and Chicago she’s established herself as one of the most sought after DJs and artists on the house scene. She brings her loyal dance followers to the floor with her infectious, soulful DJ sets that intoxicate dance floors everywhere. Together Miami Eccentrics, & Kodex Agency take a stab at Basel with a retrospective of queer nightlife promising to transform TSL Lounge into our beehive for a night of music, art, and open minded partying.  



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BARDOT, December 6, 10pm  Tickets

Welcome to The Carpet Benoit & Sergio, Valentin Stip, DJ Three and Uchi for a very special Art Basel show. Benoit & Sergio draw from influences mostly uncommon to house and techno like bands such as The Talking Heads, Pavement, Roxy Music, Daft Punk and Ricardo Villalobos. All these influences resonate clearly in their music, joined by a kind of sexualized melodrama that makes its way into lyrics about loneliness, French girls, wine and Ferraris.  Its bound to be a night of sexy beats and psychological treats with local talent Uchi paving the way for these Berlin pros.


 LMNT, Sunday, December 7, 2pm Tickets

A-Traks release of his album “Quack,” left him sprung for action this year.  Even with a massive touring schedule he shows no signs of slowing down and for the first time ever the LMNT Lot near Midtown/Design District will be hosting a block party that may rival Mad Decent Block Party’s.  Between A-Trak’s disgusting turntable skills, Danny Brown’s massive verses and ultra prolific Grammy Award Winning Producer DJ Mustard this event is promising to be a huge showcase that should not be missed.  With Art Basel’s world renowned popularity, I can only imagine what Special Guests will be supporting Day Off center stage.


Gramps, Thursday, December 4, 10pm  FREE EVENT

Whether or not you’ve been to Gramps you know this is a great place to drop in for some brews while making your way to Wynwood. We all like freebies and what better reason to be in the middle of the Basel madness by taking in funky house grooves from Brooklyn’s very own Bossa Nova Civic Club. Jacques Renault, Marcos Cabral, Aurora Halal & DUST each are ready to invade gramps with an NYC vibe straight from their respected outposts in Brooklyn.


Suite 206, December 5-7, 8pm  FREE EVENT

If you find yourself wanting to go to a party but REALLY want to keep that Wynwood arts vibe going, your gonna want to check out this Distraction happening smack in the middle of Wynwood at Suite 206 (164 NW 20th St). Expect to see artist doing live paintings with a shmorgishborg of music to enjoy from local bands and DJ’s to friends from all over the country. Take a gander and see if you recognize any names: The Jellyfish Brothers, Glockabelle, Friend Roulette, Winstons, The Gun Hoes, White Mystery, Plastic Pinks, Pari∀h, Archaic Interest, Pocket of Lollipops, Kenny Millions, Bleeh, Snakehole, Bishop Sleeve, Full Fulltime MotherFucker, Sweet Bronco, Juju Pie, Haochi Waves, Landica, Sonic Graffiti, Kazoots, Secret Society Of Secrets, Treasure teeth, Selectric, Kenny Millions.

Be sure to enter our ticket giveaways (oh and tell all your friends). Check back here soon for more fun stuff to do during Art Week! For now, please enjoy Tropicult’s Miami Art Week warm-up:

 Here’s Your Miami Art Week Playlist

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