Hundred Waters

at The Fillmore Miami Beach

By Karla Gironda


As usual, Saturday nights in Miami Beach are very crowded, but on this particular day, November 8th, it was especially packed. Three events happening within less than a mile of distance and a few hours of difference. The Auto Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center, an orchestra being outside of the Miami Beach Soundscape, and the of course, the highly anticipated Interpol concert with their special guest, Hundred Waters, going down at The Fillmore.

I already knew that I would be blown away during the main concert, as I’ve been listening to the New Yorkers songs since the release of their second album, Antics, in 2004. However, what impressed me was the opening band, Hundred Waters. I thank God for my friends who had put me in touch with their music months before their show.

With a very ethereal aesthetic – which includes not only the sound, but also the presence of Nicole Miglis, the vocalist,  and a consistent stage presence that only reflects the many years they’ve been together. Hundred Waters was founded in 2011, right here in Florida. To be more precise they got together in Gainesville, while Nicole, Trayer Tryon, Paul Giese and Zach Tetreault were attending the University of Florida.

Wearing a flowy black dress with floral prints and braids resembling a crown, Nicole and her companions presented their newest album, The Moon Rang Like a Bell. They opened with Murmurs. From that moment, I knew I wasn’t in Miami Beach anymore. I was transported to a forest. However, they are a not to be mistaken with a conventional folk band. Although their sounds can resemble folk little bit, they are much more than that. They add a twist with electronic arrangements and Nicole’s powerful and angelical voice. Imagine a crossover between Björk and folk music.

Throughout the concert Nicole divided herself between vocals, keyboards and a flute, which brought more magic to that moment of mind escape. Add to that beautiful lights and smoke. Every person inside the theatre was absorbed and in a transe, although the concert also had it’s dancing moments. However, as all celebrations have an end, Hundred Waters had to give a grand finale to the audience.

The final act was a remix of Are/Or, from Hundred Waters LP (2012), which actually sounded more like a jam session, resonating all those years spent together, under the same roof, back in Gainesville.

Set: Murmurs, Cavity, Out Alee, Chambers, Down from the rafters, Show me love, Xtalk,  Animal and Are/Or.

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