Dopedoll Chronicles:Yuri Tuma

By Vanessa Haim

Art might be the last thing on your mind while walking downtown’s busy and crowded streets. Yet, Brazil-native and Miami-transplant, Yuri Tuma, derives his inspiration from mundane high-rise buildings, and other ordinary objects, giving them an incredibly intricate new life. Using photography as his primary medium, Tuma takes images and transforms them into his own signature minimalistic masterpieces.

 Enter Yuri Tuma’s realm of psychedelic and geometric patterns.

You’ve been called a “kaleidoscopic photographer” with photography being your primary medium, yet your range of art spans from graphic design to fashion, sculpture to installation. When did you first discover your passion for the arts? 

Art was always present in my life, but first only as audience and cautious participator. Photography was the tool that opened the doors to my artistic path. It was with a camera that I exercised my creativity and discovered my passion for architecture and geometry.

Recently you joined forces with Alexandra Gold Concept Store for Kruzin x Overdope Magazine shoe collection. The product was literally wearable art! Tell us a little about that experience and process. 

I’ve had an admiration for graphic fashion for a long time now. Alessandra Gold, the creative director for Kruzin footwear, besides her mentorship, has also allowed me to explore a canvas I have always entertained in my mind. When I try something new, my creativity is automatically changed through the exploration process. This experience showed me how to drive art in a more commercial vehicle and how to design within fashion design.

I would love to own a Yuri geometric graphic tee. Can we expect future Yuri fashion collaborations? 

The feedback I receive inspires me to say “yes.” 

Your current Art Basel exhibit at Butter Gallery, Departure, is a stunning new perspective of your art. How does this series differ from previous works?  

With this exhibit, I am “departing” from an intricate aesthetic and taking a minimalist approach to an exhibition. In the past, I would utilize multiple photographs to construct symmetrical patterns and shapes, whereas in “Departure” I am only using one image, deconstructing it into minimal geometry and lines. 


Speaking of Basel, any events you are looking most forward to? 

Butter Gallery will be hosting a Miami Art Week reception for “Departure” on Dec. 2nd. Besides that, I mostly look forward to being exposed to international artists and school of thoughts. Societe Perrier has just put out a great list of artists to see during Art Week, and I was very captivated by some of their recommendations, which includes our show at Butter. 


“Music is the art of thinking with sounds”-Jules Combarieu. What are the top 5 songs/artists that keep you movin’ & a-goovin’ in the studio?

Max Richter, Stars of the Lid, Ben Howard, Lord Huron and getting into the latest Pink Floyd album.

Fall is in the Miami air. Give us the agenda to your picture perfect day around town.

It most definitely ends up or starts at the beach.



Art Basel Reception: December 2nd 




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