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FILMGATE is an independent film festival for anyone interested in exhibiting a project that has interactive and multi-platform elements – film, ARGs, dance, live music, web series, comic books, opera, book, tv show, games, flash mob, blog, animation or other creative channel.

You’re only limited by your imagination, so choose your own adventure and invite the audience to dive in!

Over the span of three days in February, in Miami and Miami Beach, we will celebrate independent filmmakers and visual storytellers and all the industries that support them through screenings, workshops, exhibits and talks by directors, producers and content creators who are considered experts in their fields. We accept,  screen and exhibit short films and projects preferably with cross-platform storytelling (transmedia), new media, and interactive elements. We also showcase new and revolutionary technologies, related to different story platforms.

What is Transmedia? Transmedia is a narrative told through multiple platforms in a distinct sequence, at each point pulling in and heavily relying on audience engagement to develop the story, brand, and message.

Why the spotlight on cross-platform storytelling/transmedia? We are in the Interactive Revolution. Interactive technologies provided by the Internet and new mobile developments are revolutionizing the landscape of entertainment. The audience can actively participate in creative projects. This is exciting for the content creators and the audience alike, who are invited to participate in the creative experience.


The Indie Film Club Miami (IFCM) would like you to invite your project o exhibit at our inaugural Filmgate Independent Film Festival. Film Gate Miami is an independent film festival, highlighting cross-platform storytelling. We are very enthusiastic about bringing the best representations of this new and emerging narrative medium to Miami and our entertainment industry-based visitors.

To read our rules and regulations and apply for consideration, click here.

A CALL TO ACTION for all of you independent filmmakers, who would like to exhibit a project that has interactive and multi-platform elements – film, web series, tv show, ARGs, comic books, games, dance, opera, flash mob, live music, book, blog, animation or a creative channel only limited by your imagination. Choose your own adventure filmmakers and invite the audience to participate in it. Call to all industries and support organizations pertaining to independent film and visual story telling to exhibit their new developments to independent filmmakers, artists and content creators. Help us design an new experience!


SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 2012 10AM- 6PM | One-day Workshop, Limited Capacity Register

Philip Bloom is a British filmmaker known for his DSLR filmmaking, blog and workshops. He has worked as a cinematographer for Lucasfilm, Sky and the BBC.  He is one of the best in this  new breed of digital cinematographers. Over the past 5+ years he has become one of the leading world evangelists for the low budget film look. Through cameras like the Canon 5DmkII and more recently the Panasonic AF100 and Sony F3.

  1. Getting the best out of your DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. Looking at things differently – a lead into the shooting exercise
  3. Recording Sound
  4. Analysis of a piece. A large chunk of creativity with breakdown of lighting, pre-production and so much more!
  5. Large Sensor Camcorders demonstration, including the Blackmagic camera.
  6. The joy of Time lapse (sunset at the beach)
  7. DRINKS! A great chance to network with like minded people


February 1 – 2, 2012

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