Hype CityMiami Art Week2017 Edition

We’ve gathered loads of events and organized them into four categories – fairs, exhibits, special projects, and parties. Navigate the guide by category, click around, bookmark it for later, and tell your friends about our sweet guide! They will thank you.


Interviewing Damson

Story. Not rumor. Not innuendo. Not gossip. Not chatter. But story. story upon which myths are made and fables are created. A story fit for an oracle. Deep, dark, dreamy narratives, handed down by sages, through the ages.


TropiCannaGoes to Denver

I haven’t written for a while. Usually these silent periods come about for a terrible reason. Life tragedies, an unmanageable schedule, and crippling laziness all play a role in my various absences. This last time though was different. My friend and I…


Cult Trends: Virgo

A few weeks back the amazing VIRGO invited me to a preview event for her new EP and Video Game. Of course I gladly said YES! I mean, her music alone was enough for me to be interested. Once I heard there was a video game aspect involved too I knew I had to go see what’s up! More on that later. If you aren’t familiar with VIRGO you can see her featured in one of my previous CULT TRENDS here, and of course there will be some lovely links later on in this post for you to find out more about her.