Bird & Bone:An Interview withRichard Hales


Richard Hales [Chef & owner of Sakaya Kitchen and Blackbrick Chinese] is adding another weapon to his flavor arsenal, “Bird & Bone”. Hales’ new concept migrates from his usual Asian inspired cuisine and shows us some “hot” southern soul with fried chicken & ribs.

Bird & Bone will set up shop in the Wynwood Yard and serve as one of its resident food trucks. Shout out to Publix fried chicken though…you’ve held me down for years but Hales’ got that new new.

I got you with all the finger lickin facts;

You’ve had great success with Black Brick (Blackbrick) Chinese and Sakaya Kitchen, where does your flavor inspiration come from?

Thank you.  Growing up in a house that loved to cook and eat are the roots of my style.  Food has always been my comfort and as an adult I traveled the world to find it and eat it.  When I started traveling in the 90’s I would work for free at places where I found a great dish or menu.  Backpacking around the world, being a stagier in little holes in the wall with killer food, my mother’s and grandmother’s cooking — these are my inspirations.

   Waiting on Bird&Bone Like…

What kind set-up and price point can we expect from Bird & Bone?

Affordable daily pricing.  All meals under $12.

It’s my understanding that fried chicken and ribs will be the centerpiece of Bird & Bones menu. What style, flavors and types of meat can we expect?

We are going to specialize in Hot Fried Chicken best known in Nashville. Whole chicken pieces, wings and boneless tenders will be the highlight in a variety of flavors from Southern style with Alabama White BBQ sauce to hot as hell. 

Our ribs will rotate between our great ribs from Sakaya Kitchen’s honey orange to Blackbrick’s cumin lamb ribs.

What is a must-have on the menu?

Our specialty is Hot Chicken. I also wouldn’t pass up the cumin lamb ribs when they appear.

We’ve all been there, the dreaded “hangover” …what would you say is your favorite hangover meal?

When I go to Vegas I drink a lot of whiskey, play a lot of Blackjack and eat a lot of chicken and waffles.  No headache.