Beck’s Urban Canvas Returns

IMG_3332There is more to a city than its beautiful scenery, that of which Miami is notoriously known for. But what about the culture of a city, that which is made by its local people and talents? The Magic City is in a stage of renaissance. With Microbreweries and local artists building the city’s culture, it is no surprise that Beck’s Urban Canvas came to Miami with great success.
Known as the worlds most recognized German-style beer, Beck’s isn’t just about bringing people together with their hoppy brew. Beck’s Urban Canvas, a project that showcases emerging visual artists and aims to enrich local communities through artistic expression, is back in Miami, showcasing the city’s most talented local artist and revitalizing the local art scene. The program is providing artists a platform to showcase their stories and work to audiences they might not otherwise have access to, and supports the local community by fostering and strengthening its creative programs, cultivating the next generation of creators.

Mr. Brown, Bedside
Mr. Brown, Bedside


Since its first debut, Beck’s has commissioned murals around the Magic City, bringing life to installations in Little Havana, Little Haiti, Hialeah and Wynwood. This year, they have hand-selected five emerging artists with unique styles to, once again, represent the city’s growing culture.

The works of Christina Angelina, Juan Travieso, Leza One and DJ Neff were showcased at the Urban Canvas kick-off event in Little Haiti on June 23rd, revealing their own distinctive style and twist on what a Beck’s billboard could, or should, be.

“Beck’s and Miami both have rich histories of creativity, innovation” -Beck’s Senior Associate Brand Manager, Daniel Blake

Which is no doubt, why the two have made such a successful match over the past couple of years. So successful, that Beck’s Urban Canvas 2016 has made another strong partnership with the Big Night in Little Haiti event summer series, a free music and arts event showcasing the exploration of the local artist.