Drumstick. Drum Stick.Telekinetic Walrus

giphy (1)I’m back with Drumstick. Drum Stick. Where rock and roll & fried chicken had a baby. Every month, I showcase a different local band and we get nutty with the food and drank; this month Telekinetic Walrus dishes on their Summer tour and their guilty pleasures.

For those of you not familiar with Telekinetic Walrus; imagine one George Clinton, a dash of Outkast, a cup of any woodland creature from a C.S. lewis novel and a sprinkle of acid were all combined in a blender…that’s the recipe for one delicious-ass Telekinetic Walrus. I got personal with band mates Corinne Stevie, Y Diz, Zoo Time-keeper and Faun 5000 on this edition of Drumstick. Drum Stick. Buen Provecho.

Out of all the cities you’ve toured, what city has the best food?

Time-Zoo Keeper: “NYC is pretty hard to beat diversity-wise. Atlanta, GA which is my original hometown, so I know a lot of the good spots. Honestly, upstate New York in the Finger lakes (notably Silo Fried Chicken); Chicago has a mean, mean pizza game. Austin can go toe-to-toe on tacos & burritos with the best of em. Anywhere that has locally sourced ingredients.

Faun 5000: “The Stone Cat in Upstate New York & the Silo Food Truck.”

Y Diz: “Asheville. Me, Cito (Faun 5000) and Jake (Time Keeper) are coffee feens and love checking out all the cool, hip coffee shops in Asheville and all around the country.”

Corinne Stevie: “There are a couple of places in upstate New York that have some really great food!”

What is your go-to tour snack?

Time-Zoo Keeper: “Pizza all day! Otherwise, I’ll probably go with gummy worms or octopi or snap pea crisps”

Faun 5000: “Cashews and chickpea curry packs”

If you were stranded on an island, what (5) food items would you bring with you? [Refrigerators and ovens are not at issue, your choice can be absolutely anything)

Time-Zoo: “Keeper: Pizza, espresso, sushi, fresh fruits and baklava.”

Faun 5000: “Everything at the Whole Food’s hot bar, JoJo tea, Jessie Steve’s fried chicken, fried tofu and curry.

Y Diz: “Jessie Steve fried chicken, berry smoothies, mac n’ cheese, my grandmother’s chicken & dumplings and pizza.”

 Tell us about your upcoming tour…what cities are you hitting up? What are you most excited about for this tour?

Corinne Stevie: “We’re going everywhere pretty much. We’re hitting up Atlanta, Oakland, Denver and a lot of new unfamiliar places. I’m excited about everything It’s all a huge blessing to be able to do my art/music and share it outside of my hometown. We all work so hard, so I’m excited to see how the hard work pays off”

Faun 5000: “I’m most excited about seeing all the crazy people on tour and all the friends we’ve made all over the country; some of them fall into the same category.”

Y Diz: “I’m the most excited about going to Upstate New York and checking out the waterfalls there and eating some good food up there. I’m also excited about going to Chicago and get a deep dish there. Also Northern Cali & Southern Oregon to eat all their Cannabis infused delicacies and cajun from New Orleans.”

Lastly what would you say TW’s spirit food animal would be?

Time-Zoo Keeper: “a pizza walrus”

Corinne Stevie: “Kale & Spinach”

Faun 5000 & Y Diz: “Pizza & Green Juice”

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