A Sit Down withKing Able

By Vinny Nasty & Baker

2015-07-30 01.17.47

If you’re a writer, you probably don’t give a fuck. Able is a dude who truly does NOT give a fuck. Just look at his Instagram. Other than the strippers, tags, blunts, and throw ups, he’s unique for showing his face.

I got a chance to sit down with Able and see how he spends his day. Everyone goes to him when they have trouble. Walking to the corner store (that was a 2 min walk) to buy a dutch took 20 min because everyone would stop him and say what’s up or tell him about something happening in the neighborhood. He’s like a big bearded, tatted up Robbin hood.

Who are you and what crews are you in?

Well they call me Able. King Able, fuck that. I rep GW, LMA and FCN

What was your first crew?


Did you start writing able in that crew?

Nah, I used to write “Beast”.

At what age?

At like, 11. I was always a hairy ass nigga.

This is when a neighborhood boy ran up to Able (while rolling up) and asked him where so and so boy is…

How long did that last?

For like a year but then my friend Jenks gave me Able.

Has anyone ever told you, you look your lean cups?

Hell yeah.

Do you do that on purpose?

Nah, they just came out like that. I wanted to make them look high and shit but everyone started telling me “Yo, that nigga looks just like you.”

And when people started saying you look like him, did you add the beard after?

Yeah. But I used to rock the cups without a face.

Then I used to see your shit before and I thought someone was biting off you.

How long has GW been around and what does it stand for?

Since ’93 in high school. Me and my friend started that shit. The original one is ghost writers. Its gone on to guerilla warfare, goodbye witnesses, get wavy crew, gansta writers.

How about LMA?

Licking mad ass. That’s my dawgs crew from west palm, Veins.

Do you go out bombing by yourself of with a preferred person?

I bomb by myself. If anything I’ll bomb with my nigga Tusk or Veins but besides that, by myself.

2015-07-25 23.08.18Do you go in the mindset of strictly bombing or do you bomb when you’re out?  

It’ll start like, let’s go get drunk, or the strip club then after that, we go out.

What time do you usually go?

I bomb early, I don’t like that late night shit.

You de-leaf your blunts?

Yeah, I turn this into two.

(he rolls the fat dutch masters)

Favorite area?

Little Haiti.

Trains or street?

Street. Trains are easy.

I went through a little faze of three trains a night.

Have you ever got caught in the act and talk your way out of it?

Yeah, I’ve been with my back turned and the cop was like “yo” and I told him its graffiti, you don’t want me breaking into the store right?

Did you catch rec the rest of the night?

Hell yeah.

You go to the strip club a lot. I saw that they made you a cake for your birthday.

Yeah, whenever it’s a strippers birthday me and my girl will go bring them a cake.

You write their stripper name?

Of course.

I’ve been bombing with a stripper.

Tell me about that.

I’ll wait for them after work with my girl and at 6am I’ll do a cup and write their name.

Stripper name or real name?

Stripper name.

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