Marco BeneventoFuture Rock Piano Concert

Keyboard Wiz Marco Benevento takes the North Beach Bandshell for the 'Seaside Sessions' Concert Series Launch


The Rhythm Foundation presents a new concert series featuring an eclectic lineup coinciding perfectly with  Miami’s elusive month of cool weather. Hit the North Beach Bandshell and relish in the lack of humidity and enjoy – for an entire concert – the unexpected absence of sweat on your forehead.

The menu is diverse: world jazz, psychedelic improvisation, trip hop, and rock and roll are all flavors touched upon by the Sessions. The performances will sonically whisk audiences from South Florida (Brika, Aaron Lebos), to Ethiopia (Hailu Mergia), to New Orleans (Christian Scott), and then to Haiti (Aroze Troubadou). Adding some trippy rock and folky jam into the mix are acclaimed keyboardist Marco Benevento, and improv supergroup DRKWAV (featuring John Medeski of Medeski, Martin, and Wood).  It’s an eclectic variety, and one that is sure to keep South Florida music fans from getting bored.

The first show will feature the legendary Marco Benevento.

Marco Benevento first came to national attention with the experimental electronic rock influenced Benevento-Russo Duo for which he partnered with drummer Joe Russo. Together, they brought a bracing jolt of improvisation into settings like Lollapalooza, Fuji Rock and Bonnaroo.

On his own, Benevento has collaborated with the likes of Matt Chamberlain, Mike Gordon and Reed Mathis, while also holding down keys in the band’s Garage A. Trois and Surprise Me Mr. Davis. Currently, Benevento’s primary focus is with his own trio and in the solo piano setting.

Using major keys and warm, organic synth tones along with traditional instrumentation, the melodic half of the Benevento Russo Duo has come into his own like never before. He made his name as an improv-heavy key tapping powerhouse in the jam festival scene.

Now, he’s proved that after championing his chops, he’s out to conquer composition as well. His solo career started only six years ago once he was already well established as a high end musician. With his new label The Royal Potato Family he has more control over distribution and development of his work than ever before.

The show this Saturday is going to be a fun foray into Benevento’s newfound poppy indulgences. There will no doubt be toe tappin’ (the songs are fun and catchy). This progression into his next phase is just as captivating as one of his long form, impressive solos in a setting like Bonnaroo (of which I’m sure we’ll see one or two of on Saturday).

Stay tuned! Tropicult will introduce Ethiopian jazz-funk pioneer Hailu Mergia (playing next Saturday, January 23), and provide a look at the music and individual members of the psychedelic jam band DRKWV (playing Saturday, January 30).

Featured Event

Saturday, January 16 2016

Marco Benevento performs live at the North Beach Bandshell. Celebrating the Seaside Sessions launch behind his customized piano and a tiny armada of drum machines and sequencers, keyboards and pedals. Opening Set By: Brika

Advanced Tickets $25 / Buy tickets online or call (305) 672-5202


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