LyxProSPA- 8Compact PA System

[Product Review]

After 20 years of working in the music industry, I got this to use as a DJ Monitor, for small parties and as a small PA system.

LyxPro8For its tiny size, it’s extremely LOUD and the sound quality is very good for the price.

Bluetooth, USB, and SD player seems to work fine.

I’ve used it at a couple gigs already and it worked perfect.

The mixer on the back is fantastic and one of the best things about this speaker. It has 2 channels plus every type of connector possible, XLR, RCA, 1/8″ and 1/4″.

The design and functionality is well thought out and more than you would expect for something in this price range. It’s super small & lightweight. It also has an EQ on the back for treble and bass that works well and you can pole mount it on speaker stands.

I have a pair of Mackie SRM 450’s and sometimes they are just too big, or I use these at wedding receptions for ceremonies and cocktail hours.

The USB connection is perfect for a playlist or premixed set. I brought this to an event a few weeks ago that I was painting live outside at and there was plenty of sound for over 1,000 sq ft area for people to listen to. It obviously doesn’t have booming bass, but it sounds really good for the size and the price.

Out of the box, the first version sounded flat. I turned the treble up 75% and left the bass in the middle, and it was fine to work with. The new model sounded much better out of the box and had even better bass response if you turned that up.

The fidelity is not as nice as my Mackie SRM450’s or Bose home speakers, but I didn’t expect that for $120. I bought my first one for the full $120 after doing weeks of research.

The LyxPro SPA-8  is now down to $100 and the new model looks better, sounds better and is easier to connect via bluetooth.

FYI: I have used this speaker at more than 30 ft with no line of sight, where the phone was in a bag behind a truck and the bluetooth connection worked fine. They are also pretty sturdy.

I did a gig on a yacht a month ago and the backpack strap broke and the speaker dropped about 4 feet in a bag with no padding onto concrete. No damage and it still works perfect. Even if it did break, for $100, it’s worth buying another. I also had it running for 9 hours outside in the Florida heat and humidity with no issues.

The only possible improvements I would suggest for future models would be battery operated and a remote control. But I assume it would have to be bigger and more expensive.’ I’ve done a few gigs as well where I daisy chain these to the THRU output on my mackies and run a 50′ cable so I can have music playing inside and outside of a venue or fill a distant corner of a big room with sound.

There are also THRU outputs on these speakers which is wonderful.It fits in a backpack and is very easy to use. I’m very happy after purchasing one for $120 and I wanted a pair so I was provided another for an unbiased review.