OontzThe Best PortableBluetooth Speaker?

Oontz3XLAs a professional DJ with 20 years experience, the Oontz Angle 3 is my favorite speaker. After purchasing the Angle Plus and using it professional as a DJ for the last 6 months, I was provided this unit for an unbiased review.

Bottom line: This is the absolute best speaker you can get for the money.

I listened to every speaker at Best Buy and ordered a few others from Amazon that I returned because this one had the best features and sounded the best for the best price. You’d have to spend at least $100 to get something close to this quality. Sure, the Bose Soundlink mini sounds way better, but it’s $200. These are $28 and free shipping with Amazon Prime.

One of my favorite uses is for streaming movies and television. Sometimes my laptop sound is not loud enough, even though it has built in JBL speakers and is a Dell XPS made for entertainment. The Angle is way louder and much more clear. I usually can’t listen at full volume because it can be painfully loud from a close distance.Oontz-Angle3

They are also very durable. I throw them in my backpack with no case and a bunch of gear and they fine. They feel like high quality components. They are supposedly waterproof, but I haven’t dunked mine. I do however use it outside frequently in Florida in extremely high humidity and sometimes light drizzle rain at it plays through just fine.

I DJ with 1,000 watt Mackie speakers and I use this as monitor speaker facing me. The other speakers are way too big to point at me without blowing out my ears. This one sits under my laptop stand (see below) and lets me hear everything before the echo hits me. It’s great because I don’t have to plug the power in and the battery lasts forever! They charge really fast as well with a standard micro usb connector (included), same one as most smartphones use. It’s interchangeable with my Samsung Galaxy S5 charger. Also, they sound even better and louder when you plug a 3.5mm stereo jack in.

Bluetooth is great quality and works from a good distance as well. I was able to pair it with my phone in 15-30 seconds right out the box. I did a gig yesterday and used it while setting up for an hour, played 4 hours, and then an hour for breakdown and still have not needed to recharge it. I’d always recommend running the battery as close to dead as possible before recharging. This will generally keep all your battery powered devices running for the longest time.

The Angle 3 is also way smaller and probably twice as loud as the Oontz Angle Plus which I bought online from Amazon for $28. I also recommended the Angle to my friend and father, whom have both purchased one and are very happy with it. My girlfriend is very excited about getting my old Angle Plus for yoga at the park and beach days. This unit was provided to me for an unbiased review but I did buy my Oontz Plus and will buy more as gifts.

Oontz Angle 3XL

This is an awesome speaker!! It’s very loud and just the right size. As a professional DJ for 20 years, I can tell you this is perfect for small parties, pool parties, bbq’s or a day at the beach.

OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker on Amazon.com


Sometimes I even use it as a DJ monitor speaker or for streaming movies/tv shows on my laptop because it sounds much better and louder. Plenty of sound for 15-30 people to enjoy and loud enough to hear outside. At night, I can not play it full volume in my apartment because it will upset the neighbors.

Overall, the construction feels solid and it has a really nice look to it. The design is also pretty cool and works very well for dispersing the sound. The sides and top have a brushed metal appearance.Oontz-3XL

I bought the original XL but returned it because it was all Bass and the highs and mids were muddy. This one is the opposite, crystal clear highs and mids and just enough bass. You may want more bass, but I prefer a clean sound and this does not distort easily. I can play it at full or nearly full volume for almost any genre of music and it sounds fine.

In terms of price and size, it’s probably the loudest and best sounding speaker you will find. Sure, it doesn’t sound as good as the Bose speakers, but I can’t spend $300 on a bluetooth speaker.

For that price, I can buy two of these and an Angle 3. This one can also be paired with a second Oontz 3XL to be used as stereo LEFT/RIGHT speakers or to mirror another one and extend the range and volume. I only have one, but it’s a pretty neat feature I would definitely use if I had another.


The bluetooth connected in less than 30 seconds from my phone and it works great You can charge your phone from it with a USB on the back and plug in a 3.5mm stereo jack. The bluetooth allows you to take calls and acts as a speakerphone as well. I never intended to use it for that, but I have received a call while it’s on playing music and it is convenient. However, you can disable call settings from your phone’s bluetooth if you don’t want it to ring through.

I brought this speaker to a boot camp workout in the park the other day and there was plenty of sound to keep 12 people motivated even at 20-30 feet away. One other guy showed up with a UE Boom, but as soon as he saw the size of the Oontz 3XL he put it away knowing it would not be able to compete.

The boxes they came in were also very nice, presentable and protected the equipment well. They would definitely make a great gift and all the instructions and everything were written in clear english, unlike many other speakers in this price range. Enjoy!