Art OnThe Ave

7th Ave Continues to See Development, Love & Attention

I spy with my little eye a new mural on the block. The latest art to hit the avenue is the work of well-known local artist, Marcus Blake, originally from Jamaica, and was commissioned by developer Keith Ward. Ward, who grew up in Miami, purchased the property and spent the better of the last year renovating the historical building with his team.

What once was the meeting place for members of the community to gather or host events, it has been converted to a 7000 square foot multi-purpose space that will have seven artist studios, 5 co-work office spaces, a full-service restaurant, and bar available for event bookings. With plenty of free parking in the area, it’s opening will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood that has seen changes over the past couple of years. 

The above painting can be seen on the northeast corner of NW 50th st and NW 7th Ave, which is part of the African Caribbean Culture Art Corridor of Florida. It was inspired by a 90’s album cover, a personal quilt from the Ward family home, and the different shades of brown represent Miami’s diversity. The front of the building is coming together and will continue to evolve. Blake has been given creative control by Ward. The mural should be completed and the building open, before the crowds come for Art Basel 2018 in December. Interested parties can contact Jessica Alvarez at [email protected].

Artist Marcus Blake paints a mural on 7th Ave

Several other buildings on this span of 7th Ave also have new paint. Some I’ve seen get painted over more than once. It’s always changing! Thank you to Blake and Ward for giving me the inside scoop! To see more art from the avenue peruse the pictures below, and make sure you’re following me. I walk the block pretty often! It takes about 1 hour to get from NW 20th in Allapattah up to about 62nd in Liberty City. There are lots of murals, new and old shops, and some restaurants along the way. The third Sunday of every month many of them have special hours and host events.