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Miami Based Creative Director Nikki Bravo Grabs Spot at AS220 Professional Development Workshop In Rhode Island

Nikki Bravo announced on Facebook today that she has not only received an invitation to have 1 of the limited 20 spots available for the Fall edition of Practice//Practice Artist Professional Development Residency, but she also was awarded a full-tuition scholarship and $500 travel budget! 30-year-old Bravo, born and raised in Miami, FL, has until the 28th to decide. If she goes, it will be her first time attending a program of this kind.

Photo from AS220 website


Bravo is a mother, Creative Director and big fan of the Walking Dead. The timing of the trip and the idea of being away from her family are things she is weighing to make the choice. The thought of leaving her daughter for the opportunity she said would be “rough but beautiful.”

Bravo heard about the application via Puerto Rican artist Annie Y Saldaña who she met in Miami and Bravo said had been selected to attend the last program. Proof that when artists share with each other it leads to great opportunities! The residency, which takes place in Providence Rhode Island, is one of many creative supports AS220 lists on the website. AS220 envisions “a just world where all people can realize their full creative potential” as stated on their homepage.

Bravo, has spent the better half of the last decade here in Miami creating a space where all people are welcome to share their creative talents through a weekly event called Words and Wine. Although Bravo said she was surprised at the news that she was accepted, it clearly is well deserved.

Bravo said she is 90% sure she will attend. She said she is “most excited about meeting other like-minded individuals in the art scene and testing her independence for the 1st time in a very long time.” She goes on to add that she has never spent a “night away” from her daughter. She would be gone a minimum of four days to experience the residency.

Another artist that was listed as previously participating in one of the various programs offered by AS220 included one of my favorites Alice Mizrachi. I stumbled upon one of Mizrachi’s murals at the Graffiti Gardens in Midtown which hopefully will open again before Art Basel 2018.

Alice Mizrachi Mural In Midtown Miami Graffit Gardens


Congratulations to Bravo and thank you to AS220 for your support of the arts. You can support AS220 by donating here.