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Multi-talented Artist Allyse Performs in Miami - Literally Shuts it Down

What do you get when an intelligent, beautiful, and sweet person leaves the corporate world to be an artist?

Answer: ALLYSE

I had a front row seat at her latest musical performance at the B. Marie Soul Jam (BMSJ) at Renes Wynwood this past Sunday. Her lyrics are positive, uplifting and she puts on a show! Complete with hair flips and dance moves.

She gave the audience a preview for her new single Boss which drops this Friday, September 21st on all major music apps. It is a song about “the hustle, making big moves, and being your own boss” says Allyse. Clearly drawing from her own life experience for the song, she goes on to say that she “wrote it to help the listeners feel proud about their accomplishments and to keep pushing.” She will perform again in Miami that same day at Miami Live.

Miami Live, a “Best of Miami” “Best Venue for Local Artists” winner, is an exclusive live music venue with an elevated DJ booth, and bar serving drinks until 5 am as stated on their website. They are located in Miami Beach, and also have a recording studio.

Brittney Marie, from Brittney Marie Productions, who hosts the BMSJ had this to say about Allyse: “Allyse is a helluva performer. Period. Shes called The Ally Show for a reason” making reference to the podcast Allyse created last year. Allyse has interviewed over 30 artists and entrepreneurs on the show.

More to come from Tropicult as we follow the journey of Allyse. She is certainly one to watch!

Official website: Allyse.net
Instagram: @TheAllyShow_

Sunday, October 21 2018

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