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Lately it seems like the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) can do no wrong. With blockbusters like Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Age of Ultron, It looks like comic book culture is finally getting the respect it deserves. So in the love of all artistic mediums we have gathered 5 story arcs that every veteran or noob should read. Now, keep in mind that this is not a raking of best of the best, rather these are only stories that have been influential and popular in the world of comics.


“It was a nice piece of work, Kingpin. You shouldn’t have signed it”    Daredevil 

DD Born Again
Issue# 227-231 Published September 1986

Frank Miller’s and David Mazzucchelli’s take on Daredevil has it all! from romance to action with of course some religious tones sprinkled around. This dark and gritty story arc came from a time when Miller was at the top of his game and Mazzucchelli was essentially illustrating magic, Thought provoking and extremely fun this is undoubtedly a must read for any avid comic book fan.

If you enjoy this story line you will absolutely enjoy the new Netflix series that follow our beloved blind hero.


“We fought. We lost. We d-died. And now… seeing you all alive — oh God, I didnt think it would hurt so much”  Kitty Pryde

Issue # 141-142 Published 1981

If you haven’t seen the massive feature film, then you are missing out on one of the best X-Men stories out there. Originally published in January 1981, written by Chris Claremont and John Byrne this short story arc is only a 2 part issue series with a conclusion that changed the mutant world forever.

With many recognizable characters and a very relatable short story, this comic makes an ideal read for any X-Men lover.


“They’re right. We’re not fighting for the people anymore, Falcon… Look at us. We’re just fighting.” Captain America

Civil War #1 Published July 2006

This amazing cross-over event is one that is not afraid to ask “Who’s side are you on?”

Published in July 2006 and written by the one and only Mark Millar(Wanted, Kickass). This story has heroes against heroes as the government and S.H.I.E.L.D. are pushing for the legalization of the Superhuman Registration Act, essentially making being a vigilante illegal. This story was so successful that Marvel is releasing an upcoming film titled Captain America: Civil War


“Submit or perish” Ultron

Age of Ulton #1 with a prequel #12.1 Released March 2013

One of the most recent story arc on this list, originally this awesome adventure was published in March 2013 and written by Brian Michael Bendis.

Age of Ultron takes place in an apocalyptic future where Ultron is law. Captain America and his colleagues must rid the world of the all-powerful Ultron and while also preventing him from also traveling to the present from the future (Confusing right?). This action packed time traveling superhero story is set to be the basis of the new film Avengers: Age of Ultron.


“His arrival… Could herald… The end of the universe… Thanos is coming!”  Silver Surfer

Infinity Gauntlet #1 Published 1991

Certainly one of the biggest story arcs out there, the Infinity Gauntlet was originally published in July of 1991. This massive cosmic Marvel event was written by the legend Jim Starlin. In terms of characters this story is massive! centered around Thanos, a villainous titan that has somehow gathered all of the six Infinity Gems with only one purpose, end all life in the universe so he can win over the woman he loves.

Now you might be wondering “who this woman?” well the embodiment of death of course! (because comics haha!). Marvel will be releasing a film in 2019 titled “Infinity War” which holds the same title as the sequel to the Infinity Gauntlet story arc.

Did you enjoy any of these story lines? are there any we missed? lets us know below!