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5 Reasons to List Your Space on Airbnb During Miami Art Week


Every year, in the lead up to Art Week, thousands of people descend upon our quiet little city armed with ridiculous amounts of money and the desire to spend it. By the end of November, every hotel for miles and miles is booked solid, filled to bursting with tourists who wish they would have used Airbnb instead. It’s the same every year: hotels and galleries get sacks of cash, while the rest of us get nothing but hangovers.

Why not get a piece of that action? Airbnb is inviting Miamians to earn extra cash money this Art Week. By listing your space on their site and opening your doors to over 70k travelers from across the globe visiting for Miami Art Week.

Here are 5 great reasons to list your space on Airbnb:

5 Reasons To List Your Space

Airbnb listings are as diverse as the hosts who list them. You can post air beds in apartments, entire houses, spare bedrooms, hotel rooms, even boats on the water! Almost anyone can be a host and it’s free to sign-up.

#1 Earn Extra Money

Let’s be real. There’s nothing Miamians love more than money, except maybe ourselves! Here’s your chance to make extra dinero to treat yourself during the Art Week festivities. They say the smartest people are the ones selling shovels during a gold rush, and Art Basel is definitely a gold rush. With every hotel in a 20 mile radius booked, you suddenly have something that other people need. If people want to come to Miami to spend crazy amounts of money, well, they’re going to need somewhere to stay, and you happen to have one.

Instead of being broke at the end of Art Week, you’ll be counting fat stacks with a mean hangover. And since you decide your rates, you can go as high or low as you want. Most people decide their rates by searching for comparable listings in their city/neighborhood. Airbnb also provides a tool that can estimate what your place is worth. Then you get paid quick and easy: Airbnb will release your payment 24 hours after guest checks in.

#2 Upgrade Your Space

Hosting guests in your home is the perfect excuse to go out and upgrade your space. Maybe it’s time for that new couch you’ve been wanting, or that paint job you’ve been meaning to do to your kitchen? Hosting guests can be the perfect catalyst for home improvements that have been on the back burner for years. If you’re an artist or photographer, or if you’re just friends with one, this can also be an excellent opportunity to showcase your/their work. Hang and display artwork to create a private exhibition your guests can enjoy, especially if it’s artwork by local artists, because you gotta represent your city.

Once you’ve finished splurging on your interior decor, just snap some pictures, create your listing, and wait for the fun to start. Got a great location near all the Art Week action? A good set of outside photos can help a guest find your place more easily. Got a great garden your guests can kick back in? Then by all means feature a few shots of it in your listing. Killer views of Miami’s luminescent skyline? Post some photos of those too! If you want your listing to stand out to the most discerning guests, you can take it to the next level: Airbnb provides free professional photography service to help you highlight what’s amazing about your space, and draw potential guests.

#3 Meet Cool People

The couch-surfing culture that Airbnb created has brought together countless people all around the world who would have never met otherwise. When you host with Airbnb you meet cool new people all the time. You’ll probably become fast friends with many of them, and who knows what wondrous roads these newfound friendships will lead you down? You do have some choice in picking your guests, which is nice considering not everyone out there is as awesome a person as your are.

You probably have some nice sh*t in your apartment you wouldn’t want to let sketchy people anywhere near. Good news! Airbnb allows hosts to see the full name of a guest before deciding to accept or decline a reservation request. You can wait until the perfect guest comes around, or check how wealthy they are, if that’s your game. Either way, you’ll get to know some interesting characters from far off lands, and they’ll get to know you, and before you know it you’ll have friends in every city.

#4 Become a Curator

Airbnb is made up of magical moments and hosts that create them. Every day, all around the world, Airbnb hosts give their guests a sense of belonging. Your guests are going to have a completely unique experience, so make sure it’s a good one. As a Miami local, you know exactly where the best parties are happening every single night of Art Week. Armed with this local knowledge, you can become the perfect curator for your guests’ Miami experience.

You can recommend parties for them to go to, restaurants they should eat at, etc. You can be the first one to ever introduce them to the sacred nectar that is Cuban Coffee, putting them eternally in your debt. And if you’re really into it, you can write down your suggestions for the many guests you will undoubtedly be hosting in the future. Airbnb allows hosts to create “guidebooks” for guest that suggest local spots, like restaurants, grocery stores, parks, and attractions. Create a Miami Art Week Guidebook with nearby galleries, art fairs, museums, and recommended events/exhibits. Print a copy so your guests can use it during their stay.

#5 Pay it Forward

No matter where you go, there will always be locals there who know exactly where to go to get the most out of their home. The next time you’re planning a trip to, say, Paris or New York, or any city on the globe, you’ll have some extra good karma in your back pocket. Just hop on to Airbnb and look for people like you. Chances are you’ll find some great deals on awesome places from cool people. And since you paid it forward, you know there’s probably someone willing to put you up in their home, show you around, tell you what there is to do and see, with similar tastes as yours.

Airbnb Miami Meetups

Hosting Information for Miami Art Week

Airbnb will be hosting a variety of events November 3rd through November 9th for anyone who is interested in learning more about hosting and what it takes to rent out your space through Airbnb. This is your opportunity to meet successful local hosts, receive information about hosting, or sign up for a 15 minute Host Consultation where Airbnb reps can help you set-up your first listing.


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