Xanax & Love SongsBrand New

Concert Review | 10.25.2014 | The Fillmore Miami Beach

By Aura Peralta


I suppose it was like walking into fire with more wood, eating shrooms with an unclear head, or putting out flames with gasoline…

I walked into the sold-out Brand New show Sunday night at The Fillmore with a broken heart. I was prepared to release all my anger and mixed emotions through the music. Brand New was joined on this tour by Foxing and Cymbals Eat Guitars. Foxing was the most memorable among the two opening acts, blasting melodic riffs and trumpet harmonies throughout the venue.

I stepped out and  grabbed a Tito’s double and prepared  myself  for Brand New. It had been a couple years since I had last seen them, the anticipation was killing me. Boom! The lights went out and the most perfect set was about to begin. Second song in was “You Won’t Know.”  Yes, the room got that sad early yet totally pumped. Jesse Lacey‘s voice filled that venue from wall to wall. So much emotion in his voice resonating from the energy of the audience. Together, everyone sang along, word for word. The feeling of despair and defeat never sounded so beautiful. The crowed swayed from side-to-side like moving oceans waves, as if planned almost step by step synchronized.

I looked back for a glimpse at my friend but she too was lost amongst sweat, jumping, and pushing. I got chills to the choir of the entire room backing up Jesse for almost two hours. The set was good mixtures of oldies, demos, and favorites. It included: “I Will Play My Game Beneath the Spin Light”, “Mix Tape”, “Okay I Believe You”, “My Tommy Gun Don’t”, “Limousine (MS rebridge),” among others. Just when I thought it was over out he appeared with his acoustic guitar at hand and serenaded us to “Play Crack the Sky. The perfect ending to a perfect set.