A Marathon for Filmmakers- Here are you options, Miami!

By Indie Film Club Miami

If you wanted to challenge yourself to a marathon-like experience as a filmmaker, the 48-hour film festival must be it. As the name implies, you conceive, shoot, edit and deliver a short film in not a second over 48 hours. This is the best cure for the procrastinating filmmaker, you have  a movie in a weekend.  So when the contest happened two weeks ago, we decided, there is no better or more productive way to spend a sleepless weekend.

But wait, on the same weekend there was an even crazier notion, the 24-hour film race. Yes, the same challenges as above but you deliver in 24-hours. Known fact is that all filmmakers are crazy and if the two challenges were happening on separate weekends, we would have gladly done the two. Sadly, it appeared that the 48-hour organizers moved their festival to the same weekend as the 24 Hour Film Race, so we had to pick one.

The experience was so great, we wanted to do another 48-hour fest immediately after, but another well known fact is that we have masochistic tendencies! The best part of the experience has to be the people. If you have a great team and they show talent, grace and humor through the grueling hours, then congratulations, you might have found your crew and cast for years to come! Also, gained some life-long friends. We loved our Super Mango Bros.


The 48 Hour Film Project is a contest in which teams of filmmakers are assigned a genre (choices from horror to musical picked from a hat), a character (Repair man/woman Claude or Claudette Ramos), a prop (a wrapped package), and a line of dialogue (I can’t believe it).

This year 50,000 filmmakers will make over  4,000 films in 120 cities on 6 continents around the world.  Their smallest team has consisted of one person, their largest team to date was a team from Albuquerque with 116 people and 30 horses! The contest happens on different weekends in different cities throughout the year and the city finalists move on to competition nationally and then internationally.

The 24 Hour Film Race takes place on the exact same date (Eastern Time) for all teams. Over 750 teams around the world are challenged to create an original short film (4 minutes max) in just 24 hours based on a theme (one), action (listening to music), and prop (the number one).
The films premiered on the big screen in theaters across North America, the winning teams go onto to New York to compete for the grand prize.

Now that hopefully the best and most original shorts have won, we would like to give you an easy guide to the two races, attempting to make it efortless for you to pick one next year.



$0 Entry / $35 Screening Fee $125$175 (Per Team)
  • Winning Film: $10,000
  • Winning Categories: HTC One™ Smartphone
  • Top 24 Films: Screened in New York (September)
  • The Top 5 Films: Toon Boom Storyboard Pro (valued at $899.99)
  • Top 5 Films: 1 Year Subscription to Setkick (Valued at $360)
  • 24 Finalists:6 Month Subscription to Setkick (Valued at $180)
  • Winning Film: $5,000
  • Winning Films Compete Nationally
  • Top 10 Films (2012): Screened at Cannes Film Festival‘s Short Film Corner (2013)
  • Local Winner: Movie Magic Screenwriter Software 6 ($250 Value)
  • Theme: One
  • Prop: The number one
  • Action: Listening to music
  • Genre: you draw your genre from a pool, anything from horror to western.
  • Line: I can’t believe it.
  • Character: Claude or Claudette Ramos, Repair Man/Woman.
  •  Line: I can’t believe it!
The Colony Theater The Hollywood Center of the Performing Arts
  • High Definition
  • Blue Ray
  • 35mm
  • Standard Definition
$12 Per Person $10 Online / $12 Door
Awards Night
Included In Screening $5 Per Person
The Judges’ Criteria (Distribution Not Specified):

  • Story
  • Technical Merit
  • Adherence to the Assignment
  • Acting
The Judges’ Criteria:

  • Artistic Merit (e.g., Story, Creativity, Entertainment Value) (45%)
  • Technical Merit (30%)
  • Adherence to the Assignment (25%)
Miami Winners (2013)
 Best film and Best Audience Poacher by Digital Flamingo
Best Use of Character, Best Writing, Best Director, Best Film and Audience Award Group B WinnerSplit by Underlab StudioGenre: Thriller/Suspense
The Anti-Social Filmmaker
 You can still participate by registering directly to the website Hire a very social producer, you can only enter through your city’s organized event