Shen WeiIn Black, White and Gray

When Art Basel comes to Miami, every arts organization looks to put their best foot forward. You need something special for this week, and MDC Live Arts and the MDC Museum of Art + Design have joined forces to bring a true star in the contemporary art scene to Miami. Multi-hyphenate Shen Wei will bring a unique, brand new multi-disciplinary work to Miami, “Shen Wei – In Black, White and Gray,” which combines his talents like no other work in his oeuvre.

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Art WeekProject Guide

Here are our picks of projects and exhibits happening during Miami Art Week. We’ve listed them by neighborhood so that you can plan your visits to the galleries and spaces accordingly. We hope this saves you some time driving around town, and gives you more time for ART! With so many sick parties going down, you may have forgotten, but that’s what it’s all about after all! There’s a shit ton of dope art being showcased and we get new projects sent to us everyday. That being said, we’ll be updating this list…

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Music Basel

Art Week. So many things to do and only so much time. Between all the amazing galleries to see from Midtown to Miami Beach, Art Week can be whatever you want it to be. Some of us enjoy planning the entire weekend with scheduled itineraries, while others simply go with the flow, soaking in as much art, music, and food as humanly possible.

I’m here to tell you about the music. I’ve also got FREE TICKETS to some sweet parties. Plus, to get you warmed up for the dance floor, we’ve compiled a Miami Art Week 2k14 Playlist to compliments our guide. You’re welcome, we love you too.

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Beautiful Death

Painters have been obsessed with death since the very first artist took the very first breath. (Pretty much everyone else has too, but that’s another story.) But while successive generations of Futilists might’ve chosen to speculate on the finality of it all, the more compelling creatives concern themselves with what happens on the way to The Final Frontier. That of course means life. It also means living. And the lovely decay inherent in the day-to-day.

Of that more compelling camp is a cat named Christopher Maslow. Visually-driven and vividly-inclined, he’s a kinda cartographer of the sublime, and he’s especially intent on investigating (and representing) how it affects our lives.

Got doubts? Hit Violiphila for Christopher Maslow’s “Beautiful Death” and put those doubts to rest

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Witness to History

It was all Bruce Springsteen’s fault. For nearly fifty years East was East and West was West and there wasn’t a damn thing anyone could do about it. Oh, people tried alright; powerful people too, including U.S. Presidents Kennedy (in 1963) and Reagan (in 1987). But not even a de facto Leader of the Free World could do what the de facto voice of New Jersey did. And all it took was a few rock songs.

Okay, so four hours of rock songs. More importantly, four hours of Springsteen rock songs, which have an earth-moving capacity no matter where they’re staged. In front of his largest crowd ever (300,000), in a place no real Western rockstar had ever before played (East Berlin), those songs moved the earth’s very axis.

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Air Basel

Every year, in the lead up to Art Week, thousands of people descend upon our quiet little city armed with ridiculous amounts of money and the desire to spend it. By the end of November, every hotel for miles and miles is booked solid, filled to bursting with tourists who wish they would have used Airbnb instead. It’s the same every year: hotels and galleries get sacks of cash, while the rest of us get nothing but hangovers.

Why not get a piece of that action? Airbnb is inviting Miamians to earn extra cash money this Art Week. By listing your space on their site and opening your doors to over 70k travelers from across the globe visiting for Miami Art Week. Here are 5 great reasons to list your space on Airbnb…

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Museum Basel

With so much happening during Miami’s Art Week, it’s never too early to start planning. Since a couple of exhibits are opening this month, you can start getting it on as soon as this as this weekend!

Here’s you complete Miami Art Week Museum Guide…

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So ViceThey’ve Gamed it Twice

A significant contingent of those who get it sure got it good, damn good; just as those who’ve been gettin’ it steadily have gotten it all along. What did they get? Yeah, you got it. All that and then some. Or as Tom Waits might say: Real Done Gone.

That get-of-gets came about when a core of the crew christened MSG reunited to mark the opening of the arthouse named Vice. An event which at once merged then with now, and promised a world full of wowsome tomorrows.

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