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Art immortalizes culture, and Art Basel can bring out the social side of anyone! Which is why for this edition of #behindbasel we got the deets from Janel Allen, Miami culture crusader, and social alchemist. Janel is the Director of Marketing & Engagement at Prism Creative Group, a mission-aligned creative agency geared toward re-branding Miami and amplifying culture through community events and experiential marketing. Born and raised in Miami, she loves traveling, a good laugh and an unforgettable dance party.

Art Basel is a time where Miami truly lives up to its potential as a cultural and creative epicenter. It’s a time where we all fully appreciate what art truly is. 


When did you first start “Baseling?” 

I really do enjoy being exposed to all kinds of art. Photographs have always pulled at my heartstrings, and even though I’m from Miami, I was definitely a late adopter to Art Basel. I left for college at 18 and never really had a dive into the festivities until returning. The first season I attended, I was pretty overwhelmed with the sheer amount of people that were jumping into the creativity that was beautifully engulfing our city. I went to a few media events that season and truly felt grateful Miami was home to such a happening.

What can we expect from Prism this year?

At Prism, we are working with The Wynwood Yard to produce The Yard’s Got Soul – A 3-Day Soul, Funk, and Motown Basel Getdown with artists like Gavin Turek, Yoli Mayor, Patrick & The Swayzees, Jules & The Jinks and much more. We will also be releasing our guide to Art Basel so stay tuned for that as well on www.culturecrusaders.com.

How would you describe the Miami art scene?

Constantly evolving. The Miami art scene is always changing. But I think artists need to feel more supported throughout the year and not just during Art Basel. Programs like Commissioner (https://www.commissioner.us) are really doing their part to provide education and spread appreciation of the craft, which is incredibly exciting.

What are your top 3 tips to survive the week?

Tip 1: Do your research

Tip 2: Be flexible and open-minded

Tip 3: Share the experience with others


Anything else we should know?

Even if you only do one thing for Art Basel, take a deep dive!

Keep up with all things in Janel’s world on Instagram: @janelallen @prismcreative.group @culturecrusaders or on the web at www.culturecrusaders.com.