Lonely CTo debut his firstSolo Album

Lonely C from Soul Clap will drop his first solo album on all major platforms November 27th 2018

Grab your spacesuit, you’re about to take a trip. On November 27th Soul Clap Records will release “Lonely C – Charles & Tribulations“, the debut solo album from artist Charles Levine, known as Lonely C. The album totals 9 tracks and will be available on crewlove.us and all major platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, band camp, beatport, traxsource, and Juno.


Lonely C took some time off from his Australia tour to share a preview of the album with Tropicult. The album he says is “programmed with deliberate intention.” He went on to say the tracks started off as “explorations and experiments”, and fans can expect something different from this music versus what is produced for Soul Clap.



Feels like: Getting a massage from a new friend you met at a club

Taste like: Whiskey and organic grape or apple juice

Looks like: What you would see if you wore monochrome sunglasses

Smells like: Walking into a building that is covered in moss and about to be renovated after sitting dormant for decades

Sounds like: Electric wires and beach waves

The album opens up with a song named “Class of 99’.” Likely drawing some inspiration from Lonely C’s coming of age rave days. It sets the tone for the rest of the tracks, each one taking you on an upbeat journey of love and truth. Does it get dark at any point? Yes, you get hints of it. Track four, “Booty Gene“, made me feel like I was an animal in a dark maze.

I wasn’t prepared for some of the answers I got when talking with Lonely C about the album. He talked about what’s it’s been like for him to live a life of rock n roll. Stating that it has been a journey of “soaring highs and sometimes equal lows.” He said that is where the title of the album came from.

“With my heart on my sleeve I tried to tackle these feelings as honestly as possible, but it’s all me, it’s all Charles Levine. It’s my life, and it’s my trials and tribulations, but it has made me the man I am today. I’m very grateful for all of it!”

He collaborated and weaved in several other artists on the album. Track two, “True”, sprinkles in a little of Morgan Wiley on piano and keyboards.  Track eight “Folks Be Lyin’” features Sa’D “The Hourchild” Ali who Lonely C calls his “brother”. Mentioning that he was an “integral part of the spirit of this album”. Sa’D passed this year but was in the studio for sessions with Lonely C and Kendra Foster who makes appearances on two tracks of Lonely C – Charles & Tribulations.

Working with Kendra Foster Lonely C said was “as awesome as it gets.”

“She’s such a force and so dialed in.”

Lonely C doesn’t just give fans a gift of music with this album. As part of the project, polaroid’s that he has been taking over the past few years will be on display thru a traveling gallery show beginning in spring 2019. More information will be made available on his website www.lonelyc.com.


I love Lonely C’s honesty. I think his album speaks to what’s beautiful about creating. Sometimes you create just because you feel like it moves you through. In the end, you may not have set out to make what you did, but there it is.

Make sure to grab the album on November 27. You can see Lonely C perform it live at Electric Pickle in Miami, FL on Dec 7th for Art Basel, and Jan 25th in Brooklyn, NY at Come on Everybody.

Starting Jan 12th there will be a monthly Soul Clap residency at Electric Pickle until the club closes!


Friday, December 7 2018

Crew Love is back in Miami for their 6th annual Art Basel showcase. Wolf + Lamb Lonely C of Soul Clap (live) Nick Monaco + Special surprise guests PATIO VIBES Eli Escobar & Lloydski [Tiki Disco/ NYC] RSVP here.

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