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The Art Collector Perspective

John Maitland David Ross Collection

John Maitland – David Ross Collection


Certainly one of the main reasons Art Basel exists is to sell art. In 2017 the global art market reached 63.7 billion, a 12% year over year increase, with the largest chunk of sales coming from the United States, as reported in the Art Market Report by UBS. Which is why for this edition of #behindbasel I talked with David Ross, a Miami based art supporter, enthusiast, and collector. By day David works in finance. He moved to Miami from up North a few years ago in search of better winters. His “outside of work” activities are numerous. He enjoys a variety of things, that do, and don’t, include the art world; like staying off social media, and jogging around town with his awesome dog.

“Art is subjective and taste is personal.  I need to have an instinctual response to the piece.  There are many high-quality pieces by very talented artists, but to hang on my wall, I need to connect with it emotionally – it has to make me feel good. 

Akyiama - David Ross Collection
Danielle O’Connor Akiyama – David Ross Collection

Tell us about your first Art Basel, what does the season mean to you, and what you will be up to this year. 

Art Basel season is just fun – and a great time to be in Miami! Last year was the first time I really “did” Art Fair Week and still felt like I only scratched the surface of how much there is to see and do.  This year, I’m hosting friends from out of town so will get to share the experience, which will make it that much better. I’m also taking a few days off work to try and get more baseling in, although I’m sure I’ll miss some great stuff somewhere.

How would you describe the Miami art scene and your taste in art?

My taste is eclectic. I have paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photographs.  The common thread is that I enjoy looking at them all. Being new to Miami, I’m still learning the scene myself but I would say that it is still emerging.  New galleries, museums, and excellent programs like The Fountainhead Residency should only continue to grow it.

Who are some artists that you have in your collection, and how much is it worth?

I prefer to keep that number private, some of the artists I have in my collection are:

  • TAFA
  • Jose Bedia
  • John Maitland
  • Stephen Shaheen
  • Anna Razumovskaya
  • Pan Qi Qun
  • Simon Kenny
  • Josh Wingerter
  • Michael Speller
  • Anne E. London

Akyiama - David Ross Collection

 Danielle O’Connor Akiyama – David Ross Collection

What are your top 3 tips to survive the week?

Tip 1: Go see some art

Tip 2: Have fun

Tip 3: Buy something that speaks to you

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