#BehindBaselDimarco Barea



For part 3 of our series #behindbasel, Ricardo aka “Dimarco” Barea will give us the inside scoop. Barea was Born in Miami, FL to Cuban immigrant entrepreneur parents during a time that fused politics, music, art, street culture, and business, the early 1980s. He is a futurist, an artist, an entrepreneur, and a community organizer. In his early teens, he produced music, and launched record labels, and recording studios in the heart of Miami Beach. He has produced original and remixed songs for global artists like Destiny’s Child, Brandy, The Ting Tings, Maze and Rick Ross. When he sold his entertainment business he focused his energy on achieving the next phase of his life’s purpose – making a direct positive impact on as many people as possible through serial social entrepreneurship.


Fun Fact: Dimarco has produced two top billboard songs, and was invited to participate as a voting member of the Grammy Academy.


Take us back to your first Art Basel.

My first Art Basel was in 2014 in Midtown Miami. I had just started MMM. It was packed in Midtown and people were everywhere, it was exciting and art was so hot and new in Miami. I felt very cool, connected and part of something that I knew was special. After a couple years the feeling of personal wow has dissipated and now it’s just something people talk about and get ready to do every year in Miami. It’s a time when a lot of businesses bank on to make it through the entire year.  A time when lots of people come from all around the world to Miami, the start of the official season of Miami tourism.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

I like it when pop-art mixes with shock art but has a hidden timeless narrative uncovered by the seasoned art connoisseur but not easily attainable to the standard partygoers. At MMM we’re working on connecting visitors with great experiences through the MMM LIVE app and community! We’re curating a list of events for the season. Best of Guides, Pop-Ups, Augmented Reality Experiences and Artist Collabos.

How would you describe the Miami art scene?

“Streets, stickers, smoke & mirrors”

What are your top 3 tips to survive the week?

Tip 1: Pace yourself with the rose champagne.

Tip 2: Don’t act thirsty, no party is worth the loss to your personal integrity.

Tip 3: Come in a state of awe and desire to learn.