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Fruit Blogger Takeover continues: Tasting Gems with Josh Malina

Josh Malina is a fruit blogger who also sometimes eats other foods. These posts were originally published last year to the fruit community in Charlottesville, VA.  We can only hope that his journey continues here in Miami.


WF Conventional, Batesville Grown; Juicyness = 3, Sweetness = 3; Price = $2.49 / lb; Recommend: without reservation!

Hands down, the best nectarine of the summer. When Plato imagined his forms, he was thinking of the Batesville grown, Crown Orchard’s nectarine.

When I tasted this gem a few weeks ago, here were the notes I jotted down:

“Wonderful. Best so far. So juicy had to cup your hand under when you bit. Skin got a little wrinkly. Extremely sweet. What a nectarine should taste like.”

Honestly, the only reason you wouldn’t eat this nectarine is if you didn’t like your fruit that sweet.

And at $2.49 / lb, it beats out a lot of the competition at the same price point.

Caveat emptor: Hopefully they are still in stock! This blog hadn’t been created when I ate it on July 4th.

Love, Josh

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