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Headed to House of Creatives? Tips to Get Ready

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House of Creative Music Fest, image courtesy of The Syndicate


Festival season is officially not a thing. They happen year round so there is never really a time when you don’t have options. Take for example this weekend. The annual House of Creatives Music festival will be coming to Miami. It will be 2 days jam-packed with art, music on two stages, food and vendors. Prep starts now. Read below tips to make sure your festival experience is the best it can be!

Numero Uno: Fashion

What will be your outfit of choice? Whether you’re going full flowers, you are on a comfort mission, or you’re doing something really extreme, your attire should be thoughtful. This isn’t important just because of potential photo ops, but sheer practicality. Things to consider:

  • What accessories will you wear? Do you care if you lose them?
  • Are you going to the festival early on in the day and staying through the night?
  • Is what you’re planning on wearing expensive, and do you mind if it gets dirty?

These are the types of questions you want to ask yourself when deciding what to wear. Bringing some sort of a scarf or wraparound addition that can double as a blanket if you get cold is always a great idea. Plus if you need somewhere to sit down, it can be used for an impromptu picnic situation. It can also be rolled up and used as a pillow if you need to take a nap between sets. Keep in mind whatever you wear can possibly get lost and will likely get extremely dirty. Festivals are outdoor activities. Drinking is involved, and you never know when some crazy dance will start that has you tromping through the mud and playing in the dirt. You don’t want to be worried about ruining your outfit and miss out on the experience.

Rules of thumb: Definitely make sure you bring sunglasses -cheap ones, and wear comfortable shoes

Numero Dos: Self Care!

Don’t be fooled, the days before the festival is when the actual prep begins. You’ll want to load up on your water intake to ensure you are well hydrated. Again most festivals are outside and you’ll be standing under the hot sun for a majority of the day. In addition, you’ll be dancing, sweating, and likely drinking alcohol. You want to make sure you’ve got a nice amount of H2O in your system to keep you energized throughout the next few days. While you’re at the festival continue to drink water. If the festival allows it, bring a reusable water container to cut down on waste. Festivals these days are being mindful of their environmental impact, and provide water stations.

Rules of thumb: Load up on sunscreen regardless of your melanin content, and make sure you eat a healthy breakfast.

Numero Tres: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

This tip can be ignored completely if you’re solely into going with the flow. But if you have artists that are a MUST see on your list, you need to plan out your approach. Most schedules for the festival will be released well before, however, in some cases, an artist can be added and announced really close to the day of. Don’t forget to account for festivals with multiple stages. In those cases, you’ll have to make some decisions. Especially if you have artists at multiple stages playing at the same time. Be on a mission. Schedule time for eating. Don’t crawl your way to the front of the stage unless you plan to spend a significant amount of time there. If you plan to bop around to different stages, stick to the outskirts of the crowd so you can easily get in and out.  Put your plan of action on your phone. Be considerate of the other people you are going with, and decided who you all really want to see. Consider making a calendar appointment for your do not miss set times, and set alert reminders.

Rules of thumb: Clear up space in your phone for all of the great pictures that you’re going to be taking with your friends. Also, it’s great to take photos, but post them later, you waste time and battery thinking of captions, choosing filters etc, and you miss out on the experience of the festival.

Numero Cuatro: Get your mind right

Half the fun of festivals is meeting people that you would’ve never had the chance to and joining together in the spirit and fun. Keep your energy up. This does not have to be induced by alcohol. Festival grounds are bursting with energy. Everyone is excited, the performers are nervous, a lot of planning has gone into the event. Everyone’s intentions are set for it to be amazing. Of course, nothing is perfect but remember it’s all about perspective. To set yourself in a good mood start the days before.  Simple meditation, stretching, listening to the music of the people that are going to be performing, reading up on them; doing these will help set your mind mentally, and get you excited for the experience that you’re about to have!

Rules of thumb: Smile genuinely at people. Lift your sunglasses, and make eye contact, be friendly. Have good vibes.

Numero Cinco: Watch yourself

It’s called adulting. Festivals are not aggressive, typically everyone is super laid back and chill, but you never know. You could end up being at the center of a “crazy story” of what happened. Anytime lot’s of people are gathered in a place someone not so awesome is looking for a victim. Unless you’re bringing your parentals to supervise you, manage your alcohol intake. Not only is it expensive, no one wants to spend their time watching over you, or holding your hair back as you puke in the bushes. Don’t be that person who occupies a porter potty for hours. Getting to trashy can make you miss a set time. Plus we don’t need any more reasons for nonfestival fans to be able to make arguments why they are a nuisance to the public.

Rules of thumb: Clean up after yourself. It’s called a trash bin. Never take your eyes off your drink or your wallet. Watching your drink isn’t just for ladies. Gentleman, you too.  Keep your cash, credit card, and ID on yourself at all times. Consider getting a plastic badge holder that you wear around your neck.

In conclusion, the great thing about festivals is that no matter what happens it will all just be part of the experience and the story. If it rains it becomes the story about how you danced in the rain listening to awesome music. If an artist doesn’t show up you’ll tell the story of how you discovered someone new.

2017 was the year that I fell in love with festivals. I went to different ones around the world and had the best time dancing, hanging out, and meeting new people. As someone who loves these types of events, I’m looking forward to my first House of Creatives Music Festival this weekend in Miami. You can still grab tickets on their website. Prices do go up at the door!


November 10 - November 11 2018

The House of Creatives Music & Arts Festival will return Nov 10 & 11, 2018. Featuring Foster The People, M.I.A., Little Dragon, Chromeo & more! Buy your tickets now.



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