Rapid Kroger Stone Fruit Review Sesh

A quick and dirty guide to nectarines

Josh Malina is a fruit blogger who also sometimes eats other foods. These posts were originally published last year to the fruit community in Charlottesville, VA.  We can only hope that his journey continues here in Miami.

If you are a Kroger’s shopper (at 29 and Hydraulic), buy the non-organic white nectarines. They’re sweet and juicy and not too expensive

I’m catching up on some old fruit reviews that I didn’t have time to post. I apologize for my brevity, but each of the following reviews will be short and to the point. If you’re looking for long-winded, light-hearted hilarity and patient prose, come back next week:

Kroger Organic Yellow Nectarine

Juicy Sweet Price Recommend
Kroger Organic Yellow Nectarine 3 = Juicy 2 = Sweet $2.99 / lb Yes

This nectarine was fairly sweet and juicy. The skin was a little tough, but I enjoyed eating it. If you don’t mind the price, it’s a good option.

Kroger White Conventional Nectarine

Juicy Sweet Price Recommend
Kroger Conventional White Nectarine 2 = Conservatively juicy 2 = Sweet $2.19 / lb Yes

Admittedly, I was not expecting to like this nectarine. You see, I began this experiment as a snob, and this was a conventional nectarine from Kroger. But this was good, and it ripened overnight.

It was decently sweet, and conservatively juicy. I’m starting to get a thing for white nectarines. They’re sweet in a different sort of way than the yellow ones. For $2.19 / lb, this is a good option.

Kroger Yellow Conventional Nectarine

Juicy Sweet Price Recommend
Yellow Conventional Nectarine 1 = Some juice 0 = Not sweet $1.88 / lb No

My first bad review. This nectarine is terrible. And not terrible in a good way. Terrible in a disappointing way. You see, this nectarine smelled great. But was it juicy? No. Was it sweet? No way. You can do better, Kroger.

You can wait days and the skin on this puppy will never get soft – just weird and taught like a bad face-lift.

Stay away from this nectarine. Even if you are very price conscious (and this is a cheap nectarine), it’s not worth it.

Love, Josh

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