The Madness ofMekronium

Photos of the Nightmare Metal/Aggressive Groove Band at Churchills Pub

By Marcelo Salup

So we are standing on the corner in front of Churchill’s at 2:00 in the morning. Mekronium is dressed in white granny panties, black boots, and trainer bra. A bum comes up to us. “Hey, you guys got a dollar?” The thin guy dressed in white female underwear, incipient beard, and huge dreadlocks answers in a huge, booming voice “Dude… look at me! If you can find a place where I can keep a buck… you can have it!”

That’s Mekronium. Raw. Brutal. The force of nature that jumps on stage, meticulously arranges his own lights, then shouts “We are. Mekronium. Are you happy?” then encourages you to “kill yourself”.

Raw. Raw breaks fluorescent tubes on your head. Raw cuts yourself with the glass. But raw also connects directly to your audience.

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