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For this edition of #behindbasel, I sat down with Orly Kadosh. Orly is an artist, entrepreneur, curator, and a mentor to other artists. She has exhibited in New York, Art Basel Miami, and New Jersey. When I asked her about her taste in art, she responded: art that is my taste doesn’t necessarily have to be “pretty or nice.” It’s a feeling I get. It just hits me, she said as she pointed to her gut.

A mother and a wife, Orly recently moved to Miami to focus on the redevelopment of the Liberty City neighborhood. She has spent the better half of this year managing and operating Arthood 56 art studios + gallery, in partnership with Mike Zikri and Gil Terem, and working on her latest project Kadoshiro Art Consulting, which represents artists from all around the world.

Dr. Edith Shiro (left) + Orly Kadosh = Kadoshiro

In partnership with Dr. Edith Shiro, the other half of Kadoshiro, they will present a booth at the PINTA MIAMI  “crossing cultures” fair during Art Basel 2018.

“Art Basel is the best creative week of the year. Post Basel I need a month to digest everything.”

The Arthood complex located in Liberty City, Miami

What is it like to have an exhibit at Art Basel?

A lot of careful work and planning goes into the booth. You have to bring together different pieces that in the end tell a story. In 2012 we had an amazing booth that I was really proud of. That year I was also part of a group show featuring artists from Israel. We created a “shelter” outside of the main tent in Midtown that allowed visitors to experience how it is to live in Israel. It was very interactive.

Tell me more about your new brand Kadoshiro Art Consulting.

At Kadoshiro we are supporting emerging artists with their work. Getting them in exhibits for Basel, and helping the community understand the needs of artists. Exhibiting in Art Basel can be a proud moment for an artist. Because I am an artist I can relate, and enjoy working with other artists. I’m not doing it for the money! My partner and I meet with the artists we work with, go to their studios, help them find a studio if they need it, and are with them as they evolve their process.

The Kadosh Family

 What other fairs in the world should I attend to see great art, and how does the Miami art scene compare with others?

Besides Art Basel, I never miss Frieze Art Fair. It is a must. Art Dubai is also a good one. The Miami art scene is different than the Northeast. It’s more colorful. You see more design and it’s innovative! You see less traditional deep subject matter art. Instead, it’s a lighter style that makes you happy.

Do you have any other tips you can share with readers?

When it comes to Art Basel, make a plan of what is interesting to you to see, and at the same time allow yourself to get lost in the art.

You can find out more information about Arthood 56 here or Kadoshiro Art Consulting here.


November 29 - November 29 2018

This will be the opening ceremony for the Arthood 56 Art Basel exhibition 2018. Over 60 artists that will showcase their artwork including: Latin for Glory, Shana Enkaoua, Carlos Ayube, Karla Bratfisch, Nowa Schwartz, and more. The Arthood complex, under operation by Orly Kadosh, Mike Zikri, and Gil Terem, is part of a larger development project of the Liberty City, Miami neighborhood.

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