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It’s official. Blockchain is everywhere. Miami Art week is bringing us not only just the best art and biggest parties but the latest in tech as well. Along with the Artists, DJs, influencers, and socialites that descend on the city come the businesses and brands. For this edition of #behindbasel, we hear from Vladislav Ginzburg Vice President and the Head of Business Development for Blockparty, a blockchain based platform for digital I.D. based asset exchange.

Vlad has also managed several high-value growth funds in the fine art industry executing transactions for iconic canvas works by Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michele Basquiat, Salvador Dali, Pierre Auguste Renoir, and hundreds of others for clients. He places works into museum exhibitions globally, manages copyrights and is responsible for introducing Blockparty’s innovative technology to clients in the live entertainment and arts industries and beyond.

“Art Basel Miami Beach has been about more than the art. Miami takes what is happening elsewhere in the world and puts its own spin on it”


What do you think about Art Basel?

I find Art Basel season to be relatively forward thinking, and subsequently a bit more dynamic, compared to where other industries are at the same time of year. It happens at a time where the world is recapping the year past, the art market is coming off of the major openings at galleries from the fall, and with the major fall season auctions at the big houses, everyone is in mid-season form at this point. We already have an idea of who is buying and selling, and everyone is really energized to do business.  A lot of collectors, having acquired auction data points from November sales, are ready to make their first big acquisition.

What are you looking forward to this year?

I’m looking forward to the most is how Art Basel season is becoming Miami’s answer to Austin’s SXSW, but more culture and art focused.  Miami is bringing not just the premier artists and galleries in the world, but premier music entertainment, and this year, some of the most cutting-edge technology companies, activating their tech as it relates to arts and culture. I started my career in the art business working with photography and prints so I’ll always have a taste and an interest in those areas. SCOPE is a fair has really improved over the recent years, and what Snark. Art is doing at NADA is really interesting as well.

What can we expect from your brand this year?

You can expect a representation of what’s been on my mind recently as someone with a lot of experience in the art market, and currently working in blockchain tech. I see the possibilities that this technology opens up. The Miami scene is and has been exploding.  I’ll be hosting a panel with some of the brightest minds in the art and blockchain space during Art Week.

What are your tips for the week?

Tip 1: Take lots of breaks to rest and reset your eye.  Overloading on art events makes everything blend together.

Tip 2: Hydrate.

Tip 3: When in doubt, just say you’re a collector and give no details.

Interested in learning more about Vlads blockchain + art technology? 

Follow @goblockparty and check out their Art Basel happenings at www.blockchainart.miami


December 7 - December 7 2018


Blockchain Art Miami

Please join us at 5 pm in the Bridge Room at Nautilus South Beach, a SIXTY Hotel for cocktails and conversations, Blockchain Art 101, and an expert roundtable to kick off your weekend during Miami art fair week. We brought together industry leaders from Christie’s, Artnet, Frieze, New Art Academy, Snark.Art, DADA and much more.

Your evening will be hosted by BlockParty and Blockchain Art Collective, and artworks by Ryan Keeley will be on display for your enjoyment. Register now.

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