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Deon Rubi: Hand-Crafted Accessories for Pérez Art Museum (PAMM) Inaugural Gift Shop

Exclusive Collection at Perez Art Museum

Deon Rubi, local maker of wearable objects, debuts latest collection of hand-crafted accessories at the opening of the new Pérez Art Museum Gift Shop. Deon Rubi’s refined, yet playful, jewelry is made from upcycled materials. The new collection offers limited edition earrings, unique bracelets, and necklaces for passionate patrons of the arts.

“Deon Rubi will always use recycled, upcycled, & vintage materials whenever possible to provide its supporters with a consciously crafted object they can wear.”

Visit the new Pérez Art Museum during opening week’s “PAMM Community Days,” December 4 through December 8, 2013. Miami-Dade residents receive free museum admission.

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